Meet Joe and Caitlin:

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About Us:

Caitlin is a nurse anesthetist and Joe is an accountant. Caitlin has a very flexible job where she can choose her hours.  In addition, Joe is planning to take a month off from work after the baby is born.

Our Hobbies:

We love to take adventures and travel as a family. Our family already includes a wonderful, five-year old boy who is excited about becoming a big brother.  We love the beach and our travels often bring us to one.  However, we also love playing and watching sports.  Our favorite sports to play include soccer, basketball and baseball.  Like most New Englanders, we love our professional sports teams and try to attend at least one game per year.

Our week nights often include family walks and bike rides.  When we are not active, we enjoy reading books and playing board games. Caitlin teaches Irish Step dancing and enjoys yoga and cooking healthy food. Joe is still playing competitive soccer and just participated in the 150 mile bike ride to raise money for MS research!

Our Story:

We met playing co-ed soccer after college.  Joe had just moved to Boston when he joined Caitlin’s team.  We started dating shortly after and the rest is history.

Playing soccer together allowed us to form a friendship first and get closer while surrounded by mutual friends. Our friendship made us realize how much we had in common and how much fun we had together and over time we grew closer and our relationship grew stronger.

Qualities We See in Each Other:

Joe is an excellent father – so caring and patient and has no problem expressing love to both me and our son. He loves being around other people and makes the most out of every situation.

Caitlin is a caring, loving individual who always puts others first. Her positivity and zest for life bring out happiness in everyone around her. Being a mother is her most cherished role in life.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing With Our Child:

We cannot wait to bring our new baby around the family – we are constantly spending time with Caitlin’s family, watching sports games, having dinner together, spending the day at the beach or going for beach walks. We look forward to bringing the baby to our church and welcoming the baby into our faith community. And most importantly we look forward to being together as a family with our son and the new baby, playing games, going for walks, reading books, etc. Sometimes are best moments as a family are on the quiet nights at home together with no plan!

Our Extended Family:

Our extended family is extremely important to us and they are very excited for our adoption.  Our son has six cousins, all under the age on nine and a seventh one is on the way.  We spend as much time with them as possible and Caitlin’s two sisters play an important role in raising our children.  In addition, the baby will have four loving grandparents who will spoil it with love.

Holiday Gatherings:

No matter what the holiday is, both our families are ready to host a big gathering to bring everyone together. We all chip in cooking dinner and cleaning up, tell stories, talk, listen to music, and enjoy seeing everyone together in one place with all the extended family.

Our Adoption Story:

We plan to keep a book and record videos along the many phases of the adoption journey so that when the baby is ready and old enough, we can share the whole journey with him or her. We believe that the birth parents are an important part of who our adopted child will be.

Our Home & Neighborhood:

We recently moved to a beautiful, diverse family neighborhood in Boston. After work, most people can be found out on walks or playing in their yards.   A block down from our house are tennis and basketball courts in one direction and in the other is a neighborhood beach and park.  We live in a large, brand-new three bedroom and three-bathroom home.

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