Meet Joao and Kim:

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About us:

We are Kim and Joao and met on a blind date in 2001.  We were set up by a longtime friend of Kim’s from elementary school who also went to college with Joao.  We are both truly equals, we work off of each other’s strengths.  Kim is quiet and reserved an Joao is the life of the party.

Kim will be home with the baby on maternity leave for the first few months of their life.  We both work from home, providing a lot of flexibility. So in essence, there will always be a parent in the home with the baby.

Kim is a Business Analyst for a large investment firm and Joao works in Sales for a communications company.

Our hobbies:

We are both runners.  This is a hobby that Joao took up after we met, he likes to say he took up the sport to impress Kim.   Kim loves to read and Joao can be found paddle boarding in the summer in the ocean.  Our favorite things to do involve outdoor activities as a family.  Hiking, canoeing and snow-shoeing are some of our favorites.

Qualities we see in each other:

What Kim sees in Joao:

Joao is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  He is often the first person at someone’s side in times of need.  He is also the life of the party and will light up a room as soon as he walks in.  All of these qualities are what made me fall in love with him and have helped us get through a parent’s worst nightmare.   After struggling to have children, we were blessed with twin girls 7 years ago.  One of our daughters was born with a heart defect and passed away at 6 months old. His strength and constant positivity are what allowed our family to heal and move forward.  But, I think his greatest quality is that he is an amazing Dad to our 7 year old daughter, Julia.

What Joao sees in Kim: 

Kim’s compassion and love for other people is one of her greatest qualities.  She always puts others first and is an amazing role model for our 7 year old Julia.  Even though she is a quiet person, she has the ability to welcome everyone in to any setting and make them feel comfortable.

Activities we look forward to:

We love doing outdoor activities as a family.  In the summer, we spend a lot of time at our in-laws house at the beach.  In the fall, we love to go apple-picking and hiking in between watching Julia play soccer and field hockey.  Sledding and snow-shoeing are two of our favorite activities we do as a family in the winter.  Living in New England, there is so much to do all year-round.

Extended family and holidays:

Kim has one brother and Joao has two brothers.  We have two nieces and one nephew (ages 1, 9 and 12).  We are so lucky to live so close to all of our extended family and we even live in the same town as Kim’s parents.  Our favorite thing to do on the weekend is to get together with our entire extended family and have dinner.  Julia will often have sleep-overs with her cousins.

Holiday gatherings in our family are some of our best days.  They include a house full of people and many kids.  We often sit around the table for hours laughing and enjoying amazing food.  The kids will be off playing either inside or outside.

Our adoption story:

We plan to explain to our child how their birth parents are the most selfless people on this planet and that they loved their child so much that they chose us to love and care and protect them.  We believe this is something that is such a big part of the child’s history and how our family will come to be and they deserve to understand where they came from and that they are loved so much by all of us.  We have a unique perspective as Kim’s brother was adopted as a baby and so we understand the positive impact that adoption can have on a family.

Our home and neighborhood:

Our home is a Colonial-style home located on the corner of a cul-de-sac neighborhood.  Our home is often filled with family and warmth.  There are kids ranging from kindergarten to college in our neighborhood.  We live about a mile from our daughter’s elementary school, which allows Joao to walk our daughter to school every day.

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