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About Us

We met at a young professionals’ social event and discovered that we shared many interests and values as well as a special connection.  We dated for 4 years and now have been happily married for 4 years with hearts full of love for each other and a lot of laughter in our house.

Holly has worked at a University for several years and is passionate about helping people reach their educational goals.  This field offers a flexible and stable environment and is close to home.  Holly plans to take several months off after a baby arrives then plans to work a modified schedule partly from home.

Jim is a partner in a small real estate firm and has been in the business for many years.  He enjoys this role because it is entrepreneurial, gives him control of his future and has a flexible schedule.

Our hobbies

Exploring our community, traveling and living an active lifestyle are very important to us.  We love the outdoors and especially being on the ocean during the summer.  We are both avid readers and enjoy attending sporting events. Holly enjoys nature walks, volunteering and time spent with family and Jim enjoys community service, photography and loves to cook.

Qualities we see in each other

Jim says that Holly is one of the most caring, loving and empathetic people he has ever known.  When they first met, he was quite impressed that Holly was a mentor for a young girl with emotional challenges.  They share many traits; among them is a focus on career and a love of family.  Jim says his wife is a strong and determined woman and he stands in awe of her resilience and focus on becoming a parent.

Holly says that Jim is one of the hardest working and compassionate people she has ever known.  He is stable, emotional supportive and dependable.  He is gentle and patient and a true partner who has been by her side every step of our journey.  Among his greatest strengths are his thoughtfulness and easy-going personality.  Faith and service to others are very important to him.  Holly says she is also very lucky that Jim is a great cook!

Activities we look forward to doing with our child

Watching our child grow and thrive in our home will bring us so much joy.  We cannot wait to read bedtime stories while rocking him or her to sleep.  Sharing our enthusiasm for travel, the ocean and the outdoors with our child is important to us.  We are so excited to experience summer barbecues and autumn hikes through our child’s eyes and see the excitement on his or her face as we push him or her on the swings at our neighborhood playground.  We will be there to celebrate milestones like first steps and the first day of school, as well as offer comfort when he or she is sad or hurt.

Family gatherings/holidays

Having both come from warm, loving and nurturing homes, we want to provide the same to a child.  We enjoy time spent with family and friends and love hosting holiday dinners.  We enjoy celebrating milestones and birthdays, swimming in Holly’s parents’ pool and being on Holly’s family’s boat.  Between both sides of our family, we have 3 nieces and 2 nephews as well as many cousins with children.  Our family is thrilled about the idea of welcoming another little one into our family.


We will offer a child a safe, secure and stable home filled with love.  Raising a caring, responsible, respectful and resilient child is our goal.  It is essential to give him or her strong roots and a healthy sense of themselves as well as build his or her curiosity.  Family traditions, community and education are important to us.  We also value the importance of honest communication with a child at all ages of development.

Our home and neighborhood

We own a great condominium with a lovely sunny lawn in front of our building.  Our town is a family-oriented community with diverse culture and excellent schools.  It offers advantages of urban living while still having the feel and comfort of the suburbs.  We have a wonderful playground, several parks and a daycare within a five-minute walk from our home.

Our adoption story

Since early in our relationship, we shared the dream of having a family and have embraced adoption as a perfect way of becoming parents.  We want to be the solution that expectant parents seek while serving a child in need.  We would be open with our child regarding his or her adoption story and honor our child’s connection to his or her birth parents and heritage.  Our child’s life will be celebrated every day and we would be eternally grateful for this blessing!

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