Meet Ian and Suzanne:

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About Us

We are Suzanne and Ian and we met seven years ago on a blind date. It was a casual summer day that incorporated good food, modern art and the ocean. These are some of our favorite things to share together.

Our marriage is very balanced, loving and supportive. Suzanne is very social and loves to entertain while Ian is low key and reserved.

Suzanne is an insurance broker. She works from home and this will allow her to take care of the baby throughout the day. She will take time off when the baby is born. Ian is an architect and works in an office. He will take some time off once the baby is born. We both look forward to starting our family.

Suzanne has a large family and we spend most holidays at her parent’s house. We have fifteen nieces and nephews and the energy level is always positive.  Our family is spread out over a few different states and we make time to see everyone.

Our Hobbies

Suzanne enjoys running and practicing yoga. She tries to get a couple of road races in each year. She also likes to create menus each week, cook new dishes and take care of our flower and vegetable gardens. In the summer, Suzanne loves spending time at the beach.

Ian likes to work with his hands. He enjoys drawing and restoring old tools and furniture so there is always a project going on in the workshop. Ian has always been in and around boats and hopes to build one someday. He is also a sports fan and loves watching baseball, hockey and football.

Qualities we see in each other

What Ian sees in Suzanne: She is a very honest and caring person. She has a lot of positive energy and a loving spirit so it's no wonder people enjoy spending time with her. Being a people person comes naturally to Suzanne because she always thinks of others first. She also has an amazing laugh that is three times her size! Suzanne is hopeful, grateful and spontaneous.

What Suzanne sees in Ian: He is very creative and finds inspiration everywhere. His creative talents span from the kitchen, to the workshop, and to the design studio. He is young at heart and he wears it on his sleeve.  Ian is patient, humble and generous.

Activities we look forward to

We both intend to be very present and play an active and supportive role as parents throughout the child’s life. We look forward to sharing our own interests but also can’t wait to watch our child’s sense of discovery unfold.  Suzanne would like to run road races with the child and share her knowledge of food and cooking. Ian would like to take our child to a baseball game at Fenway Park and share his knowledge of boats.

Our Adoption Story

We want to make sure that our child knows how special he or she is and the story of how we all became a family. This is a story that could be met with emotion and confusion which is why we anticipate that this is going to be an open and continual conversation and we are both prepared to keep this positive.  We also plan to be open with the birthparents as long as this benefits the child.

Our home and neighborhood

Our house is in a suburban neighborhood at the top of a hill on a dead end street. The yard is fenced in on three sides.  We like to keep it cozy and casual inside.  There is a school nearby and we can walk to downtown. The ocean is five minutes away! Our neighbors are all very friendly. Some have little children, some have grown up children. Everyone is excited to know that we are adopting!

We have flower gardens, vegetable and herb gardens. Sometimes we pick a few quarts of strawberries and a handful of rhubarb which is just enough for one of Ian's pies. Suzanne does a great job tending all of the gardens and we both enjoy growing our own food.

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