Meet Ethan and Jodi:

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About us:

We had our first date just before Jodi was going out of town and we talked every night she was away. The more we talked, we realized that we had a lot in common. Our relationship developed quickly and we both knew pretty fast we had found someone special.

It is hard to describe that feeling of knowing this could be a perfect match just after one date, but we knew we had something special. We dated for almost 1 ½ years before we got engaged. We’ve been married for 8 years and our marriage is built on a mutual respect, friendship, and love for each other.

Our daughter, Leah, is very excited to be a big sister! She loves playing mommy to her baby dolls and she talks about sharing her toys and helping us take care of the baby. Leah is looking forward to sharing her mom and dad when a baby joins our family!

Jodi is a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist in an elementary school. She works with children ranging from 3 years old through 12 years old. Ethan is an Operations manager at a financial firm. Jodi is fortunate because of her work schedule. She’ll take time off when they adopt a baby but is also home in the afternoons and is lucky to have school vacations and the whole summer off!

Qualities we see in each other:

Jodi – “Ethan is very kind and caring, always putting others before himself. He is a great father and can always make me laugh.”

Ethan – “Jodi is very compassionate and always has a very positive attitude. I appreciate how she can diffuse any situation. She’s a loving mother and I very much admire her patience when dealing with any situation.”

Our hobbies:

Ethan enjoys playing golf, watching sport and movies, and completing puzzles. Jodi likes to read, watch home design shows, and go for walks in our town.

Special activities we look forward to doing with our child:

We enjoy being outdoors and try to go parks, playgrounds, and farms in the nice weather. We love traveling and hope to continue when our children are able to understand all the great sites we see. We love visiting National Parks in our country as well as experiencing and learning about different cultures.

Extended family:

Our child will be welcomed by 4 very excited loving grandparents, 2 fun uncles, and 3 great aunts. He/She will also be spoiled by triplet 12-year-old boy cousins and will have a 4-year-old boy and 1 ½ year old girl cousin as playmates. In addition, we have many local second cousins to help support us and celebrate holidays.

Our adoption story:

We will raise our children to know that an adoption plan was made not because their birthparents didn’t love them, but because they loved them so much that they made this choice. In 2015, we were fortunate to be chosen by loving birthparents to parent our daughter, Leah. We feel honored that they chose us and a day doesn’t go by that we don’t think of them and speak of them in a respectful way. We plan on doing the same thing with this baby. We feel that it’s important for our children to know that all the decisions made in their lives were made based on love.

We communicate with Leah’s birthparents via email and we’ve had yearly visits. We are willing to do the same for our next child and his/her birth parents.

Our home and neighborhood:

We live in a diverse town with very good schools. We love visiting the children’s museums, state parks, and zoos in our area. Our house is a spacious modern colonial with a large yard with a swing set and plenty of room to run around and play ball. This baby will have their own room.  Our home is safe and there are many families around.

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