Meet Eryk and Lisa:

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About Us:

We met ten years ago while singing with the Boston Symphony and had a wonderful connection. About five years later, our friendship turned to dating and then love, and we have been happy together ever since. Our wedding was the best day of our lives, but we think meeting our new child will be even better!

Lisa is a Chorus teacher with a Masters Degree in Music Education, and she has always thought of her students as an extension of her family. She shows her students kindness, helpfulness, dedication, and gratitude through music.

Eryk is a Software Engineer with a degree in Physics. His ability to  think of new ideas to solve problems is useful at work and home.. His creativity, thoughtfulness, and compassion will help build a family who can come together even during difficult times.

We have two adorable cats who love cuddling, exploring, fetching, belly rubs, and head scratching. Their names are Thessaly and Vincent and they are wonderful with children.

Lisa will be able to take a leave from her job after the baby is born and looks forward to this amazing bonding time. Eryk will be able to take a short leave and also work from home sometimes in order to care for the baby as well.

Qualities we see in each other:

Eryk: I admire Lisa's passion and drive: when she takes on a project, it gets done, no matter what. She finishes what she starts, and takes care with what she does. She is that way with people, too - Lisa takes care of her friends and family, and does everything in her power to make those around her feel safe and loved. I can honestly say she is the kindest person I know. I know she will show our child how to be the best person they can be.

Lisa: I love Eryk’s understanding, compassion, humor, and intelligence. He looks out for others and is genuine with everyone. He is a fun person who brings laughter to the table everyday. Whenever I picture Eryk teaching our future child, I cannot help but smile as I know he will be so wonderful, caring and involved.


We  love to sing , but  we also enjoy hiking, gardening, travelling, playing with  our nieces and nephews, and playing games at home. Lisa also loves to paint, sew, make jewelry, play instruments, and run. Eryk loves to entertain, make people laugh, play video games, read, and  is a fantastic cook!

Extended family & holidays:

Our child will grow up having 7 doting grandparents and a great-grandmother. Lisa has two brothers and a sister and Eryk has two sisters. Our child will also have three cousins on Eryk’s side . Everyone is excited for our adoption plan and cannot wait to meet our child when the time comes.

The holidays are our favorite time of year and are important to both our families. When we visit on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, we are surrounded by caring, love, and laughter. We love celebrating family, telling old stories, and creating new ones.

Activities we look forward to with our child: Eryk is an exceptionally smart person who looks forward to teaching our child how to cook and bake, and how to make people laugh, as well as helping them with their homework. Lisa looks forward to teaching our child how to sew, paint, use tools, dance, and help others. Nature walks and family music time will help give our children an appreciation of the beauty in the world.

Our adoption story:

We are so grateful to be part of someone’s adoption plan and we understand the immense sacrifice they are making. Our child will grow up knowing how selfless their birth parents were. We would like an open adoption, but we also understand why some women choose a closed adoption: we believe that your wishes are more important than ours. Either way, our children will know their birth parents’ love and sacrifice.

Home and neighborhood:

We live in a wonderful community with strong schools and safe neighborhoods. We have a new colonial style home  in a large neighborhood  with lots of children.  Our wooded surroundings create a wonderful and safe place to bring up a child. We have a large front and back yard, a swingset, and a deck to relax on. We even have a dairy farm up the road, hiking trails, and friends with children who live close by.



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