Meet Erik and Kathryn:

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About us:

We met at Kathy’s brother and sister-in-law’s annual Barn Party. (It’s a festive event for family and friends that includes bobbing for apples, potato sack races, a tug-of-war, and all sorts of fun games for children.) Erik likes to joke that he went to the party with an appetizer and left knowing he had met his future wife.

Soon after meeting, we went on a hiking date. It was the fall, and the crisp New England air and beautiful foliage was a great backdrop for getting to know each other better. We went on many hiking dates after that and realized that we really enjoyed each other’s company. After a while, we met each other’s families. Kathy’s family loves Erik and his family loves Kathy. We feel blessed to have each other as life partners.

Kathy is a teacher, and Erik is a credit analyst. We both look forward to spending a lot of time with our child. When the child is born, Kathy will take a leave of absence from work. Her main goal is to spend time with our baby.

Qualities we see in each other:

Erik: “When I met Kathy, I knew that I wanted to spend more time with her. She walked into the party and lit up the room with her smile. She had energy and enthusiasm, which I loved. The more time I spent with Kathy, the more I knew that she would be a great life partner. Kathy and I have shared values and that forms the basis for our strong marriage, which is built on love, trust, and respect. I have seen Kathy interact with our nieces and nephews and that interaction has proven to me that she will be a mother that will love, nurture, and guide our child through all of life’s ups-and-downs. Kathy is kind, loving, and fun. I know that Kathy and I will make a great team in raising our child.”

Kathy: “Erik is patient, compassionate, and fun. I love watching Erik throw the ball with our nieces and nephews, race them in the yard, and listen to how their days have gone. I love that everyone in my family loves Erik; his humble manner and calm demeanor make him easy to talk to and to spend time with. Witnessing Erik interact with our nieces and nephews convinced me that Erik is not only a great spouse but will also be a great father.”


Whether we are watching movies on the couch, hiking in the mountains, walking the beach, or cheering on our favorite sports teams, we enjoy each other's company. We play tennis, swim, and hike together. We also enjoy going on weekend getaways. Our favorite times are those spent with family.

Erik enjoys aviation, skiing, and playing tennis. (Erik earned his pilot’s license years ago.) He also enjoys cheering on his favorite sports teams.

Kathy loves to exercise, read, cook, and do crafts. She, too, is an enthusiastic sports fan.

Activities we look forward to with our child:

We look forward to big and small life experiences with our child. We look forward to making pancakes with maple syrup smiley faces, spontaneous dance parties, and helping a child find his/her passion in life. We are ready to help with homework and to attend games and/or recitals. We will support our child in whatever capacity he/she needs. We are ready to change diapers, stay up at night when our child is sick, and to bandage skinned knees. We look forward to introducing our child to his/her extended family, which eagerly awaits his/her arrival.

Extended family:

We have an extensive, loving family, all of whom live locally, waiting to embrace its newest member. Our child will have doting grandparents, four sets of aunt and uncles, and eight first cousins. Kathy has 24 first cousins and they, too, live within a short drive. Our families enjoy spending time together.


The words “family” and “fun” sum up our holidays. At Thanksgiving, one family member hosts and everybody else brings the sides and desserts. Christmas Eve, we go to Erik’s uncle and aunt’s house for a traditional Swedish dinner. We spend Christmas morning together, then join Erik’s side of the family for brunch. Later, we head to Kathy’s parents’ house where we enjoy time with Kathy’s side of the family. Every year, our family gets together for Flag Day (June 14th). The town Kathy grew up in holds a big parade to celebrate the day.

Our adoption story:

We plan to be open with our child regarding adoption. We will make sure that our child knows that you love him/her greatly and will let our child know that your choice to make an adoption plan is a selfless act of love. We will love our child unconditionally and support him/her wholeheartedly.
We will honor your wishes regarding the level of communication you wish to have with your child.

Home and neighborhood:

Our home is filled with love and laughter. We currently live in a two-bedroom townhouse in a suburb of Boston. Our child will have two sets of aunts and uncles, a set of grandparents, and two cousins in this town. Suffice it to say, our child will be well-loved by family in our community. From our home, we can walk to the library, restaurants, and schools. Our hometown celebrates the 4th of July in style. The Night Before the 4th celebration includes food, music, and a great firework display.

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