Meet Ed and Julie:

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About us:

We knew from the start that we wanted to be together forever.  We enjoy the simple things in life and are both very grounded.  What immediately attracted Ed to Julie is how warm, caring and compassionate she is.  Ed has a very big heart and he is not afraid to show it.  With him at her side, Julie always feel safe, happy and secure. She is so grateful that Ed has her back.   We both love and support each other unconditionally.

Ed is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Julie is a General Director at a financial services company.

We have a five year old daughter Jillian.  Jillian is very loving and she really enjoys being around other children.  She has such a curiosity and zest for life, which makes us incredibly happy.  We have no doubt that she will fully embrace the role of being a big sister.

Julie’s company is very progressive and offers generous time off for adoptive parents for when the baby arrives. When parental leave ends, Julie will have the added flexibility to work from home as needed.  Ed will also take some parental leave in addition to Julie’s initial time off to ensure the baby is happy and well adjusted.  Ed works close to home and also has the option to work from home.

Our hobbies:

Julie is very artistic and likes to draw, paint and design.  In fact, Julie recently completed a very special project, the baby’s nursery.  Julie designed a bright and sunny Winnie the Pooh themed room filled with everything a baby would need.   She also added her own special touch by painting a sweet mural on the wall to welcome the baby home.   We believe that it is so important for the baby to be surrounded by bright, happy colors, patterns and shapes.  Babies are very visual and this whimsical room is sure to generate lots of happy giggles and smiles.

Ed is an avid golfer and Julie recently took up the sport.  We play golf together on occasion.  Ed is a very patient teacher and does not get the slightest bit flustered when Julie’s ball veers way off course, which unfortunately happens quite a bit !  In fact, our daughter, Jillian, took mini-golf lessons last summer so that she could be just like her Dad.  Ed also participates in a weekly golf league with his father.

What our holiday gatherings are like:

As a family we celebrate holidays in a big way with a strong focus on our family traditions.  Easter is our favorite holiday since it is the only time we host both of our families together for Easter brunch.  We prep for the big day well in advance by decorating the house, baking lots of goodies, and by coloring plenty of eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt with all of the cousins.

Christmas is also very special to us.  Each year, the Elf on the Shelf arrives at our home the day after Thanksgiving, throughout the season we drink cocoa from our beloved Santa mugs, and we adorn our tree with ornaments that have sentimental value because they were passed down through the generations.  Every time we go on vacation, we purchase a new ornament as a remembrance of our trip.  It’s fun to reflect on how far we’ve travelled together each Christmas.  Each year, we gather with all of our extended family on Christmas Eve to celebrate and watch Santa and his reindeer ride through town aboard a fire truck.  It is so fun taking in these special moments surrounded by family.

Activities we look forward to doing with our new child:

As a family, we have so much fun together.  We live close to a park so most of our free time is spent outdoors.  During the summer months, we spend time at our beach cottage. While there, we enjoy taking long walks along the beach, swimming, surfing and digging for shells to add to our ever-growing collection.  Once in a while, we treat ourselves to ice cream from our favorite local shop. We look forward to continuing these traditions and memories with our new addition.

Our adoption story:

We will feel very blessed to become adoptive parents and will share our child’s birth history with him/her proudly.  Your love and sacrifice will never be forgotten.  We plan on letting our child know from the very beginning that he/she has birth parents out there who made a huge choice, one not entered into hastily, that was made only out of love and care for him/her.  It was because of this love and caring that is how he/she came to be with us, and that we are eternally grateful for your selfless act. You will always be spoken about in our home with the utmost respect and appreciation.

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