Meet DP and Kari:

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About Us

DP is originally from Canada, and Kari is from Kansas. Our lives came together when we met in grad school in Massachusetts. We initially bonded over our shared sense of humor and appreciation for basketball, but soon realized that our love was much deeper. After dating for a year, we were married in 2008 and have been in Boston ever since.

We experienced the profound gift of adoption two years ago when we welcomed our first son, Remy, into our family.  The love that we share for him, and his birth mother and birth father, knows no bounds. However, our family does not yet feel complete.  We have so much more love to give to another child and his birth family in our home.

Our Hobbies

We love to explore new places together, whether that is a new neighborhood in Boston or new countries around the world.  We are both big sports fans - especially basketball - and enjoy watching our favorite teams, the Toronto Raptors and Kansas Jayhawks.  We love to get outdoors on a hike in the mountains nearby, or a run around the neighborhood. We love to cook and enjoy food together with friends and family.  Our favorite thing to cook is Italian food, especially handmade pasta and red sauce from recipes passed down from DP’s Italian grandmother.

Above all, the thing we both get the most joy from is being parents. In the summertime, we do as much outdoor play as possible. Some of our favorite summer things to do include playing at local splash parks, going to the nearby beach and swimming in the ocean, visiting zoos to see the animals, and taking road trips with other families to places like Maine and Vermont.  In the wintertime, we play in the snow, bake, visit area Children’s Museums, and invite friends over to play. No matter the weather, we always find time to read books together every day.

Qualities We See in Each Other

Kari's overwhelming hospitality means she constantly seeks out and generously serves those around her, without judgment or conditions. Her ability to love, listen and laugh makes people feel comfortable instantly.

DP has the most genuine ability to make anyone around him laugh - he is a giant goofball, which draws everyone to him. But he also knows how to use his gift of laughter to build bridges between people, break down barriers, and tackle very serious life challenges.

Remy has a silly personality that he can't wait to share with a sister or brother. He's an extrovert, energized by the people around him. He is constantly on the go - climbing, running or dancing. He loves trucks, animals and basketball.

Our Extended Family

Our family and friends mean the world to us. We both come from large families, full of brothers and sisters (Kari is a twin!) with eight nieces and nephews between them.

Both families have been incredibly supportive of our decision to adopt and are so excited to meet the newest arrival to our family.

Our Home & Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is full of families and kids of all ages. Great schools are within walking distance, and there is lots of outdoor space to play.   Across from our house, there is a park, nature trail and pond that we visit often. Down the street, there is farm where we stop regularly to see llamas, goats and chickens.  We especially love this area in summer and fall. With a short drive, we can be in the mountains, by the ocean, or at an apple orchard.


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