Meet Don and Jeanine:

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About us:

We are Jeanine and Don and we met in Killington, Vermont in 1995 while skiing in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. This is fitting as we both have a love of the outdoors that we want to pass along to our children. Our courtship was an amazing journey literally and figuratively.  We traveled extensively together to many exotic locations around the world, mostly tropical, in search of the most amazing beaches.  These mutual experiences enriched us both spiritually and culturally and shaped our outlook of the world.

Don works for UPS. Jeanine is a stay-at-home Mom and her finance degree helps us to manage our lives and make smart decisions. She is also a very talented event coordinator in her spare time.


Jeanine enjoys gardening, decorating, crafts, and home renovation, a passion she shares with Don.  Don loves the outdoors and skiing, hiking, mountain biking, sailing and fishing are among his favorite activities. Don loves art and music and discovered a real talent for home renovation as well.

Qualities we see in each other:

Don says, “Jeanine is the most loving and caring person. She has more integrity, honesty and strength of character than any person I have ever known. She is also the hardest working and committed person who has clear morals and convictions and sticks to them unwaveringly. She is the “rock” of this family and the rudder of this ship. She is also smart and fun loving and full of life and has the most positive and perseverant attitude on life. She is my daily inspiration and a true role model to our daughter. Their mutual adoration is the joy of my life and her love is our life force.”

Jeanine says, “ Don is loving, kind and a very calm husband and father. He is extremely hard working and a great provider for our family. I am especially proud of how, through his hard work, we have achieved such financial stability. This dedication has enabled me to be a stay at home mom. His devotion to our family is unyielding. He gives 100 percent to his family. He is also the best father. His relationship with Quinn is beautiful to witness as her confidence and her loving nature shines through her personality. We are so lucky to have him in our life.”

Activities we look forward to:

We love the outdoors and the beach is our favorite place of all. Don can’t wait to teach the children how to sail and ski as his father taught him. We also love camping and nature hikes and learning about the environment hands on.  We are fortunate to have a summer house where we can be around nature and utilize the natural beauty of what nature has to offer including beautiful hikes, biking, kayaking and swimming in the ocean.  We also love being cultural. We love going to the museums and look forward to eventually going to the theatre and ballet. We know the importance of inspiring our children.  Jeanine looks forward to the day we can travel the world together and share the wonders the world has to offer.

Our adoption story:

Adoption is part of our story and journey. It has been an amazing experience as it has been  a miracle that has allowed us to achieve what would otherwise have been impossible for us. We live the adoption experience through our friends and family and telling the story is as natural as the telling of any life story. It will be woven into the fabric of our daily lives and in our family’s infinite future

Our home and neighborhood:

Our home is a classic brick townhouse on a tree lined street in an historical and diverse Boston neighborhood with a mix of long-time working class residents and newer younger families and young couples. The area has seen a remarkable revival in the last 15-20 years.   We have the best of both worlds; a wonderful home  in the city near amazing schools , parks, playgrounds and cultural and learning activities and a great six bedroom summerhouse with a great yard and gardens near the best beaches in New England.

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