Meet Cory and Ariel:

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The Story of Us

We first met at a law office, where we both worked. One day we found ourselves at the office alone. We spent the day together, and talked the whole day. We felt very comfortable around each other, like we could tell each other anything. However, shortly thereafter, we both moved on to other jobs and lost touch.

Years later, Ariel noticed Cory's profile on a dating site. She immediately messaged him and asked him if he wanted to meet up to go out…and we have been inseparable ever since. Two years later, we got engaged in the middle of a brewing hurricane off the coast of Maine!  Ariel got suspicious as to why we would be going to the beach in such awful weather. Cory proposed in a gazebo overlooking the harbor, but we couldn’t see anything with the heavy fog. It might sound like a proposal gone wrong, but it was just perfect. We have had to weather many other storms since then, but we have only grown stronger in our love for each other.

About Ariel and Cory

Cory says... Ariel loves being a stay at home mother. Ariel is fun, caring and always compassionate. She is always putting others needs above her own. She is exceptionally organized and often volunteers for school events and as a room parent. As a mom, she is tender and loving, while always finding fun activities to do with Marie and as a family.

Ariel says... Cory is smart, passionate, a very hard worker, an excellent provider for the family, and a devoted dad. He has a strong sense of justice and loves his job as a lawyer. I love to watch him play outside with Marie, whether that’s teaching her how to ride a bike or swing a bat. Cory also enjoys one on one time with Marie, taking her bowling, mini golf, to the arcade and sporting events.

Our Daughter Marie

Marie is seven, and she can't wait to be a big sister! She is outgoing and full of energy. You can hear her laughing from across the whole house. She has a big heart and always displays a strong sense of empathy. She will be a protective, loving and fun big sister.

Home and Neighborhood

We live in a large, kid friendly colonial style home, where we have many family and holiday gatherings. The first floor has an open concept, with hard wood floors throughout and a large kitchen island where we like to cook and bake together. The upstairs has four bedrooms, two of which are currently empty, and a cozy, carpeted playroom for Marie to share with her new sibling.

There is a large yard with a swing set and a fire pit, where we love to make s'mores. Our home is on a quiet cul de sac with many families and children of all ages.  You will often find people outside, going for walks with their pets or skating on the pond in the middle of a cold winter day. The neighborhood is tight knit with numerous family friendly gatherings, including a block party in the fall that congregated at our house just this past year!

What We Do for Fun

Ariel enjoys reading, walking outdoors, and yoga. Ariel is happiest when she is in her newly remodeled kitchen, cooking and baking treats for the whole family.  Cory likes to play golf, softball, watch his favorite local sports teams and exercise. He runs several road races a year, including the occasional half-marathon. However, our best days are the ones we spend all together! We enjoy quiet evenings at home, playing board games in front of the fire. We like to go to parks, the zoo, and weekend trips to Cape Cod to visit Grandma.

Our Extended Family

Ariel has a large, close, “Brady Bunch” type of family with numerous siblings and plenty of young cousins for our children to play with. Cory comes from a small but very tight family.  Both grandmothers live nearby and come over often to babysit.  Holidays are very important to us.  We now host Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter every year.

Why Adoption

Since we were able to get pregnant with Marie right away, we were surprised to find ourselves unable to have a second child. When our daughter heard the news, she immediately said "Couldn't we just adopt a baby? That would make us happy." We know in our hearts our family is not complete, and we are so grateful for the chance to grow our family through adoption.

Whether we have months to prepare, or just a few days, we will be ready. We have an attic full of baby items, and a cast of family and friends ready to shower the new baby with love. We have space in our hearts and our home. Adoption just feels right to us.

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