Meet Claudine:

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About me:

I am lucky to have great friends, a close community, and a super loving family. I’m outgoing and on the move — always inviting new friends into the fold, launching a volunteer project, or working on a new house project. I run my own consulting business, which means I’m my own boss – this is great for flexibility and raising a family. I love the sunshine and, when it’s out, am happy to walk my dog LuLu, play tennis, or go to the beach. I’m excited to welcome a child into my life!

My hobbies:

I love to be outside -- swimming, paddle boarding, and hiking in the woods.  And, of course, a good walk with my dog LULU is terrific! When I’m indoors, I love reading a great book and cooking for my friends and family. During a winter storm last week, a giant pot of chili was the perfect draw for everyone in the neighborhood!

Special activities I look forward to doing with my child:

I look forward to reading stories at bedtime, making dinner/baking cookies together, visiting children & art museums, going to the beach, playing sports, and traveling to different parts of the country and world.

Extended family and holidays:

I have two brothers and my mom and dad have been married for over 40 years. I also count my sister-in-law’s family as my own as we gather for holidays and have been close for over 20 years.

While I don’t have any “official” nieces and nephews, there will be lots of “cousins” around!  First, MAX is my brother’s nephew and, as part of my extended family, will be a real cousin!  Second, I have loads of close friends with children who call me “Aunt Claudine” – these kids will be “cousins” as well. They include Avery, Kirk, Hayden, Colton, Benjamin, Thomas, Erin, Maggie, and Brian.

Holiday gatherings are a blast!  At Christmas this past year we gathered in North Carolina where my brother and sister-in-law live – my whole family was there, as well as my sister-in-law’s family which we consider our extended family. We had a great time cooking big meals, opening presents with Max (my “nephew”), taking long walks to work off our big meals, playing music, and exploring Asheville. I love my family!

My adoption story:

From the very beginning, I will make sure that adoption is part of my child’s story. As an infant and toddler, this will start with reading books about adoption. I am open to working with a birth mother on how they would like to stay in communication and, depending on this, I will continue to communicate with my child as these interactions occur. I am fortunate to have two close friends who have adopted recently – so, my child will not feel “different,” but equally special.

I am open to ongoing contact or meetings with birthparents. Because it’s such an important decision, I look forward to figuring out with birthparents the best decision for our families.

My home and neighborhood:

I live two blocks from the elementary school and have a great fenced-in backyard where barbecues take place in the summer.  I love my house and, in preparation for a family, I have just renovated the kitchen and prepared a fun baby room!

I am SO fortunate to have a vibrant, wonderful community. One night, neighbors gathered at my house for take-out and assembled the crib for the baby’s room. And, while this was happening, another neighbor stopped by while walking with her dog.  It’s a home with lots of activity and love. Lulu – my dog – is always looking out the window to welcome new friends!

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