Meet Chris and Melanie:

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Our Story

Chris is a mechanical engineer and Melanie is a financial controller.  Mollie, a pug, is our gentle and affectionate dog.  We first met at Chris’s sister’s wedding in October 2012.  Melanie was a bridesmaid, so she was spending a lot of time with Chris’s family that weekend.  We sat next to each other at dinner, talked the whole night, and shared our first dance at the reception.  From that point on, we knew we had a special connection.  After 3 years of dating and growing close to each other, we were married.

Qualities we see in each other

What Melanie says about Chris:  Chris is very caring and compassionate.  He has a genuine concern for the well-being of those around him.  He is thoughtful and is by far the kindest person I know.   He follows his heart, demonstrates faith, and always works hard to do the right thing.  He is a true blessing, someone I strive to become more like each and every day.  I am confident he is going to be an amazing father and positive role model for our child.

What Chris says about Melanie:  Melanie is a warm and caring person who has looked forward to being a mother for almost her entire life.  She naturally makes people feel comfortable and is a good listener, a recipe that has attracted many life-long good friends.  As a loving wife, she compliments me well, reminding me when I am forgetful, organizing fun activities and events, and doing special things for me at random.  As a very active aunt, she loves her nieces and nephews tremendously and would display the same affection and that much more with our child.  Melanie will make an excellent mother!

Our Hobbies

Chris enjoys going on hikes, bike riding on local trails, and going to concerts.  He can often be found working in the yard or on the family cars.  Melanie enjoys going to the theater to see musicals, cooking new recipes, photography, gardening, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.

Together we enjoy traveling to new places, going for walks with our dog Mollie, participating in church activities, and entertaining in our home.  One event that we look forward to planning and hosting together is our annual pumpkin carving party, where we welcome family and friends of all ages.

Special Activities we look forward to sharing with our child

We look forward to everything!  We are excited to introduce our child to new experiences such as eating ice cream for the first time, going to the beach to build sand castles, seeing and hearing fireworks, and riding a bike.  We look forward to visiting national landmarks and parks around the country as a family.  We can’t wait to share traditions with our child, including our annual cousin Christmas sleepover which we host every year in early December.

Our Extended Family/Family Gatherings

Chris has two younger sisters and Melanie has an older brother and a younger sister.  Combined we have six nieces and nephews, ranging in age from 9 years to 11 months old.  We are fortunate to have both of our families living close by.  Chris’s parents and Melanie’s mother live less than 15 minutes away, and all of our siblings live less than 45 minutes away.  This allows us to be able to get together on multiple occasions throughout the year for birthdays, barbeques, pool parties, or just casual drop in visits.  Holidays are spent with family – alternating locations depending on who wants to host that year.   These occasions are always a time of great joy filled with lots of love, laughter, and good food!  Everyone is very excited to welcome another child into the family.

Our Home/Neighborhood

We live in the suburbs in a quiet neighborhood that offers woods for exploring, trails for hiking and recreational parks for playing!  The neighborhood is kid friendly and is made up of families with children of all ages.  It is great for trick-or-treating!  Our home is an expanded colonial that offers plenty of space both inside and out for playing and running around.  The town provides a top rated school system within a 5 minute drive.  Beaches, museums, and state parks are just a short drive away.

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