Meet Chris and Jin:

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About Us

For our first date we went hiking. From the beginning, we were drawn to each other’s love for the outdoors, active living, and dedication to family. We fell in love during a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. The island represents our shared values of enjoying the simple joys in life: beautiful nature, good food and fun times with family and friends. Four years after our first visit, we celebrated our wedding there with 70 of our closest family & friends.

Jin works in marketing, and Chris is a Social Worker who runs a residential shelter for homeless youth. We plan on prioritizing time as fathers and will be home with the baby.

Qualities We Admire in Each Other

Jin admires Chris’s passion for life & nature, spontaneous spirit, and big heart. He’s helped Jin to reconnect with nature and to literally “stop and smell the flowers." Chris values Jin’s strong work ethic, ability to bring people together and desire to learn. Jin inspired Chris to explore new interests like cooking, and pursue his Master’s degree in social work. We support each other’s passions and ambitions in profession, art, and health.


Chris loves gardening, sailing, and water & alpine skiing. Jin enjoys running, relaxing in the sun, and wheel pottery. We both share a love for hosting friends & family, cooking classes and going for runs.

Activities We're Looking Forward to Doing With Our Child

We are looking forward to discovering the world and creating new memories with our child. From tasting new recipes we cook, traveling to Vieques or playing in parks and playgrounds in our neighborhood, we are excited to see the world from our child’s perspective with a sense of newness and wonder.

We are especially looking forward to summers at the lake house in Vermont with all the family & cousins swimming, sailing, fishing and going for boat rides. It’s a special time and important tradition that keeps our family close and strong.

Extended Family & Holidays

We both grew up in big loving families, who are still invested in our lives to this day. As adults, we get together regularly with Chris’s parents and brother’s family who live nearby for dinners, birthdays and to watch Patriot’s games. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are special occasions when the entire family near and far come together, and there’s lots of laughs, love, good food and fun.

Our families are extremely supportive of our adoption. Our seven nephews & nieces aged 3 to 11 are especially excited to meet their new cousin.

Our Adoption Story

We both always knew that we wanted families and to be fathers. Having close friends who were adopted, we have learned about the importance of open adoptions.

We recognize and respect that the birthparents will play an important role, even if they are not part of the child’s daily life. We intend to tell the child early on about their birthparents who love them, and plan to celebrate the child’s adoption story as they grow up. To support this, we are open to ongoing contact with the birthparents, and hope to share information together as birth and adoptive parents.

Home and Neighborhood

We are fortunate to live in one of the greenest neighborhoods in Boston. It’s full of parks, playgrounds, and plenty of young families. Also, we’re close to restaurants, museums and all the culture Boston has to offer, and work is a quick bike ride away for us.

We live in a two-family house with a big kitchen, cozy living room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The back yard is our favorite space with a lush garden full of strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, flowers and an apple tree. We enjoy gardening, playing games and soaking in the sun with friends and family.

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