Meet Chris and Jenny:

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About us:

When we first met, we clicked right away. From the first phone call, we knew we had something special and meeting each other just cemented that thought.

For Chris, it was love at first sight and he worked very hard to win Jenny over.  With his thoughtful and caring nature, it didn’t take too long! Jenny knew he was a keeper when he showed up on her doorstep with medicine, Kleenex, and a good movie when she had a really bad cold.

Jenny works as a Database Engineer at University and Chris works as an ER nurse at a hospital.  Jenny will have time off when the baby arrives. When maternity leave ends, Jenny’s boss will help with anything that she needs for the baby. Chris will also take some time off but only works three 12-hour shifts through the week so is home a lot.  Jenny works from home twice a week so there’s often someone home.

Jenny and Chris have a four-year-old daughter, Ella.  They love looking at the world through her eyes and they are very ready to enlarge their family through adoption.  They both have flexible jobs allowing for each of them to be home a good amount with Ella.

Qualities we see in each other:

Chris says, “Jenny is always looking out for her family and friends and just seems to effortlessly make life a little happier for those around her.”

Jenny says, “Chris is such a loving and caring husband and father.  His kindness and thoughtfulness are the best.”

Our hobbies:

Jenny enjoys sewing and knitting and is a wonderful cook!  Chris also enjoys cooking, is a big football fan, and likes to spend time outside fishing.  As a family, we all love to foster dogs with a rescue, it is very rewarding.

Activities we look forward to doing with our child:

Family time is our absolute favorite time; from baking and movie nights together, doing arts and crafts, spending the day outside, ice skating, going on family trips to Canada and overseas to visit relatives.  Big sister Ella has a growing list of things that she wants to do and show a new little sister or brother.

Extended family and holidays:

Eight cousins are scattered locally and are in Canada, England, and France.  Most of Jenny’s family is in Canada with some living in England, France, and Belgium.  Our guest room is well used!  Chris’ family is mostly local with some in Colorado.

We celebrate two Christmases every year…one with Chris’ family and then another in Canada with Jenny’s.  We love decorating our Christmas tree, visiting Santa, and putting up decorations.  Christmas morning is always very special. There’s lots of time spent with Chris’ family and our friends before leaving for Canada to spend the rest of the Christmas holidays with Jenny’s family.  Easter and Thanksgiving are spent in the States and summer holidays are spent in Canada. We look forward to adding more warm and beautiful memories to our holidays with our new child!

Our adoption story:

Jenny and her brother are adopted and have always known.   Jenny says, “I always knew that my birth parents made the decision from a place of love.  I’ve never forgotten that and it’s always been my guiding light to do my best as a way of honoring them."  We both want your child to feel that they have always been surrounded by love and to also honor you by living their life well.  We realize every adoption is so different with the common goal of putting the child first.  To that end, we’re open to contact/meeting with birth parents.



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