Meet Charles and Thomas:

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About Us

We met about five years ago in Brazil, where Charles grew up. On our first date, we felt a special connection and discovered a whole new world, one that would give us a new best friend, a new love, and a new partner for our journey of life.

Over the course of the following years, we shared our passion for travel by visiting places like Germany, Mexico, Peru, Japan, and Argentina. We love to explore new cities together. Two years ago, we were happily married in the presence of our families and friends.

Thomas is a college professor and has a very flexible job that will allow him to be a dedicated father while providing for our family. Charles is a journalist and a social media specialist. He will be a full-time stay-at-home dad.

We have a very friendly dog named Abbott. He is an Australian Silky Terrier who loves playing catch and swimming. He obeys commands very well and loves playing with kids. We enjoy long walks in the park with him.

Qualities We See in Each Other

Thomas always has something kind and comforting to say, and he is the first person to help anyone in need. He is very intelligent, a hard worker, and patient.

Charles is a compassionate and loving person. Thomas admires his values, desire to always learn something new, and his big heart.

Our Hobbies

Thomas loves reading and learning about history. Charles enjoys writing, collecting giraffes, and watching volleyball games. We share a passion for exploring new places, great movies, and our dog Abbott.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child

We love outdoor activities. We are very excited to spend time in parks and the many museums near our house. Many of our friends have children, so we look forward to many playdates. We also will continue to travel to introduce our child to new places, new cultures, and new flavors. We are very fortunate to be able to provide a free college education to our child.

Extended Family and Holidays

We both are the oldest of three siblings. Together, we have five nieces and nephews. Charles has 14 cousins, which four of them were adopted. Thomas has 13 cousins, and many of them have children as well. Our families and friends are very excited and supportive of our decision to adopt.

We grew up celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, which are important holidays for us and our families. We always spend these holidays at Thomas’ parents’ home. We enjoy an annual Easter egg hunt with our nieces and nephew, and we love to set up our Christmas tree each year. Usually every spring, we travel to Brazil to celebrate Carnival with Charles’ friends and family. We cannot wait to create our own traditions as a family.

Our Adoption Story

Coming from large families, we have always dreamed about being fathers. We want to share everything that we know and love in this world with our child. We are prepared and ready to parent a child. We want our child to understand the adoption process and learn about his or her birth parents. As a result, we support an open-adoption plan to foster the healthy development of our child.

Our Neighborhood

We live in Boston, Massachusetts, an exciting, small city that offers many family-friendly activities. Our house is a spacious and bright apartment that features a newly-constructed, environmentally-friendly building. Our home is welcoming, safe, and family-friendly. It memorializes our family and friends as well as our travels around the world.

Our “backyard” has many lovely green spaces with trees, gardens, and public art. There is a large playground next to our home where many families with children get together. Our neighborhood is an exciting environment of young, urban professionals, many of whom have children. There are numerous parks, playgrounds, museums, and recreational facilities within walking distance. Our goal is always to take full advantage of the city and its offerings.


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