Meet Bryan and Laura:

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About us:

We met through a mutual friend.  After our first date at Olive Garden and mini golf, we have been inseparable.  We just felt comfortable together.  Our relationship was easy and our families welcomed each other into their families.  Over the years we matured together, grew stronger.  We knew we were meant to be together forever, we followed our hearts and when the time was right Bryan proposed.  5 years after meeting we were married !   Our wedding day was the best day of our lives.  We have been married for 11 ½ very happy  years.

We are the owners of a Commercial General Contracting business, specializing in building restaurants.  Bryan runs the field side.  Owning his own business allows flexibility in his schedule to spend more time with his family.  Laura runs the office side of the business.  Once the baby arrives, Laura will stay home with the baby.

Qualities we see in each other:

Laura says, “Bryan is an amazing partner.  He loves unconditionally and is my biggest cheerleader and supporter.  He strives to give our family everything we would ever want and works extremely hard.  He is funny, loving, emotional, passionate, dedicated, and nurturing.  Bryan is the best.  His priority in life is providing for his family and spending time with his family.

Bryan says, "Laura is the kindest person I know.  She is always putting everyone else's needs before her own.  She always knows how to make you smile, she has a silly side that could brighten anyone's day.  She is always our family’s biggest supporter and loves us fiercely.  She is an amazing mother and wife anyone could ask for, her dedication to her family and anything else she puts her mind to are matched by no one.  Laura also has an incredibly creative side, whether she is decorating our house for the holidays or planning a family gathering or party, everything she starts she sees through to the last detail."

Our hobbies:

Bryan enjoys working on his home projects, sports, riding his ATV, camping, and spending time with his family.  Often you will find Bryan washing his truck for hours.

Laura enjoys baking, decorating, gardening, and running.  In the summer Laura enjoys spending time at the beach, sitting by the fire, and just being outside.  Our family trips are such a wonderful time and the memories we create are priceless.

Activities we look forward to:

We are looking forward to telling them 'I love you' over & over, watching the first time they roll over, crawl, walk.   We look forward to teaching them how to ride a bike, helping them to catch their first fish, or just curling up on the couch watching movies and making popcorn.  We look forward to every sport they might want to be a part of, it brings us so much joy and is so rewarding to watch them succeed.  We are excited to take family trips together.

Our extended family and holidays:

Bryan has 3 siblings, Laura has 2 siblings.  We have 11 nieces and nephews.  Bryan’s father and Laura’s parents will very much be part of the baby’s everyday life.  We have a huge support team of family and friends.

With such a large family, to say the holidays are crazy is an understatement.  We enjoy the traditions of cutting down the Christmas tree as a family … Thanksgiving we all gather for dinner and football.  On Halloween Bryan’s brother sets up a haunted hayride in his backyard.  Traditions are important to our family.

Our adoption story:

Our child will know from Day 1 that they are adopted, that their birth parents loved them so much that they found a family to show them all the love that they wanted to.

We are open to ongoing contact with the birthparents.  We feel it would be helpful to the child to know their birthparents and to understand where they came from.

Our home and neighborhood:

Our home is located in a quiet neighborhood, in a newly built colonial home on a small cul-de-sac.   The home has a great yard for running around, playing ball, or digging in the sandbox.  We are close to the playground, the library, and the schools.  Our neighbors are friendly and there are many young families to get together with.

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