Meet Brian and Mary:

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About us:

We met on a blind date that was set up by mutual friends. It started at a restaurant in Boston and we quickly discovered that we share a love of travel, cooking, the outdoors and being healthy and active. We also learned that we lived 5 blocks from one another. We spent the rest of the weekend together and became inseparable from then on. To this day, we feel tremendously lucky to have found one another.

Mary works in education administration for a private elementary and middle school. Brian works in sales leadership for a sustainability-driven international technology company.

Mary will take a leave of absence from work. Brian has a flexible schedule and can work from home. He will also take a brief leave of absence from work.

Qualities we see in each other:

Mary says,  “Brian is a true gentleman. He is thoughtful, kind, and sensitive. I love that he is always positive, genuine, and respectful to everyone he meets. He is always looking out for my best interests, and he has the most wonderful and endearing smile that lightens a room.”

Brian says,  “I have always been drawn to Mary’s kindness. It was evident when we first met and I see it consistently in her daily interactions with all people. She is also genuine, compassionate and funny. These qualities and many others are why she is considered an amazing daughter, sister, friend and wife! “

Our hobbies:

Mary - I love to cook - whether it’s baking my mother’s traditional family meals to experimenting with new recipes on my own - I love to play in the kitchen. I also love to exercise, especially running, and read, travel, and go for walks whether it’s strolling the city streets of Boston or in the woods with Brian and our dog, Georgia.

Brian - I love to cook as well. Mary is much better than me, but she is more than willing to let me help out occasionally! I also love to travel and generally enjoy any activity that allows me to spend time in nature - hiking, bike riding, golfing, etc. I have enjoyed traveling all over the world and would be eager to continue exploring as a family.

Activities we look forward to:

We are excited to provide a home where our child can play, learn, and discover. We are excited to join them on adventures from taking hikes in the woods, to learning how to bake and cook. We are excited to share our love of the outdoors, travel and a curiosity for places and cultures throughout the world. Most importantly, we are looking forward to supporting and nurturing our child. We truly believe that life is a journey and we are looking forward to encouraging and supporting our child as they make their way through it. Whether treating a skinned knee or helping them fight through tough homework assignments, we look forward to simply being there and to providing the necessary comfort or encouragement.

Extended family & holidays:

We are both very close to our families and they are so excited for our adoption and look forward to welcoming our child. Our son or daughter will have 12 (and counting!) first cousins, 5 aunts, 5 uncles, 2 grandmothers and 2 grandfathers between both of our families. Additionally, our family also includes 7 dogs!

Not surprisingly, cooking and family meals are an important part of each of our family celebrations. We also save plenty of time for play and laughter. Easter and Thanksgiving is spent with Brian’s family. There is always a family football game, or even a family olympics that is happening in the backyard. Christmas is spent in the mountains of Colorado with Mary’s family. In addition to skiing and sledding, our family also loves to watch fireworks at the local ski area on Christmas Eve as the grandchildren eagerly await Santa’s arrival.

Our adoption story:

We welcome an open adoption.

We will be open and honest with our child about their story and where they came from. Our child will know that their birth parents love them very much. We fully expect there to be some ongoing challenges as they comprehend their story. We are prepared to support him/her unconditionally throughout this journey.

Our home and neighborhood:

We live in a charming and beautiful seaside town outside of Boston. Steps away from the beach, we love to have picnic dinners and enjoy sunsets. We are also lucky to live just down the street from a beautiful family park, and the town library. Our 3-bedroom home has an open floor plan with a large kitchen overlooking the family room. For us, it has been perfect for cooking and enjoying family meals.


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