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About us

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are Lorie and Artuğ (pronounced Artoo). We met on a blind date in 2012 and have been together ever since, though our first date almost didn’t happen!  Artuğ chose a really quaint bar/restaurant for us, but it had no signs outside or even a street number! Lorie kept circling the block trying to find it, while Artuğ thought he was being stood up!  Fortunately, for both of us, Artuğ was patient and Lorie eventually found it. Once we met, we ended up talking for hours!  Lorie remembers feeling more comfortable with Artuğ than she had on any other first date and Artuğ remembers Lorie seeming generally interested in getting to know him. We both remember a lot of laughter.

We had been dating for two years when Artuğ brought Lorie back to the place of their first date to propose.  We were married in 2015 on a beautiful spring day in an outdoor ceremony, surrounded by our family and friends. We tried to create a day that would be special and meaningful for everyone which included bilingual programs/menus, a children’s room with games, music and personalized cupcakes, and gifts we made ourselves for each of our guests.  It was an amazing way for us to start our life together.

Lorie is a physician specializing in internal medicine, geriatrics (caring for older adults) and palliative care (caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses). She feels privileged to be able to care for patients and their families when they are quite vulnerable. Artuğ is a Product manager for a high-tech company with a background in Mechanical and Software Engineering.  He feels lucky to have a job where he can problem solve through creativity and teamwork.

Our Hobbies

We both love to spend time outdoors: hiking, kayaking, playing tennis or biking. During the summer, we drive to Cape Cod where we explore seaside towns, camp in tents and enjoy the beaches. Having grown up by the sea, Artuğ loves anything to do with the water including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing. Lorie loves anything related to music and dance, is a certified Zumba instructor and plays violin.  This has inspired Artuğ to learn piano and we now own one!  We both love to travel and have a great time together as we visit new places around the world.  Artuğ is definitely the chef of the family and Lorie likes to take on interior design projects in the home.

Qualities we see in each other

In Lorie’s words, “I have never met anyone who knows how to make the most of every moment, the way Artuğ does.  He is always coming up with new experiences for us. I am grateful to have him in my life, both for the adventures he creates and for his positive and loving nature. Artuğ also loves to learn which inspires me to continue expanding my knowledge. He is passionate about cooking, putting love (and deliciousness) into everything he makes. He understands the close relationship I have with my parents and is a wonderful son-in-law. I feel incredibly grateful to have him as my husband and I know he will be an amazing father.”

In Artuğ’s words, “Lorie is the most caring person I know, always thinking about other people and showing compassion in situations that others might overlook.  She is incredibly loving and smart, a combination I feel so lucky to have found. I often refer to her as my ‘subconscious’ because she helps me think through situations in a way that is supportive and calming. She has also expanded my world by introducing me to new music and art.  She is so considerate towards my family and I love how she interacts with our niece. Lorie is my best friend and I know she will be a wonderful mother.”

Activities we look forward to doing with our child

We both look forward to sharing the beauty of nature with our child.  We could imagine hiking and camping (with s’mores, of course) becoming a family tradition. We will share the fun of going to the beach, building sand castles, playing in the water, and taking sailing trips.  We would love to teach our child tennis (Lorie taught tennis to children during her college summers) or any sport that he or she might enjoy. There will inevitably be a lot of singing and dancing in our home. We also can’t wait to travel together as a family, introducing new and unique experiences to our child. Reading together will also be a family event and we can’t wait to find favorite bedtime stories.  While we will share our interests with our child, we truthfully can’t wait to see what our child finds meaningful to him or her and support those interests.

Extended Family

Both of our parents can’t wait to become grandparents (for Lorie’s parents it will be their first grandchild!) We are both very close to our parents and it is important to us that our child will have strong relationships with all of them.  Artuğ’s brother and sister-in-law are eager to become an aunt and uncle and our niece, Maya is so excited to have a first cousin.  She is already imagining the books she will read to our child and the games they will play! We have a large extended family who will welcome our child with open hearts. We are already honorary ‘aunt and uncle’ to many of our friends’ children, and they can’t wait for us to have a child to add to this second extended family.

Holiday Gatherings

Our holidays are usually a time for us to bring family and friends together.  We have a lot of fun celebrating, whether it’s watching fireworks, carving pumpkins, decorating a tree, or baking birthday cakes! We love to host people at our home (Lorie decorates for the holiday and Artuğ does a lot of the cooking).  Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving when we have our parents, family and close friends at our home.  Artuğ cooks a beautiful turkey and Lorie and her dad prepare traditional family recipes of stuffing and cranberry sauce.  We love having everyone come together for great food, story-telling, and lots of laughter.  We are sure that having a child will create memorable new holiday traditions!

Adoption Story

Our ability to grow our family through adoption is a true gift based on love, and we want our child to feel that as well. It is incredibly important to us that our child hears his or her adoption story from day one. In our family, we will explain to our child that the decision made by our child’s birth parents was done with the greatest amount of love and consideration for him or her. We will answer any questions honestly, sensitively, and of course age-appropriately.  Most importantly, we will strive to understand what meaning our child is trying to make through his or her questions, so we can be as supportive and informative as possible.  It is our promise to always refer to our child’s birth parents with gratitude, love and respect.

Open Adoption

We want to create a supportive environment that will allow a future relationship to develop between our child and his/her birth parents if that is what our child and his/her birth parents desire.  As far as we are concerned, the more love to go around, the better.

Home and Neighborhood

We live in a very sunny two-level home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  People often comment on how warm and welcoming our home feels when they first visit which is what we always wanted.  We have two big decks where we often eat meals, grow herbs and vegetables, and host family and friends. Our neighborhood offers us the best of both worlds. We are in an urban environment with easy access to shops, theater, museums, sporting events, universities, and restaurants.  But, when you turn down our street you would never know this. We are on a quiet side street with a beautiful park and playground around the corner. Our neighborhood is very child-friendly, known for its great schools and short walks to libraries, parks, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts.  We are also within walking distance of a river where we can rent boats, ‘quack’ at the ducks and watch the sailboats go by.  We can’t wait to bring a child into our home and our community!

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