Meet Anthony and Melissa:

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About Us:

We have known each other since kindergarten. Anthony was the only boy (aside from family) invited to Melissa’s parties throughout grade school. Years later, our mothers, who both work in the same elementary school, urged us to meet up again. We were instantly a match-made-in-heaven, which just goes to show that mothers truly know best!

Anthony is the manager of a used car dealership. He has been working for this company going on twelve years. The company values him as an employee and he values the family atmosphere they foster in the work place.

Melissa is a preschool teacher. Every day, Melissa teaches each child in her classroom and cares for them as if they are her own. Melissa enjoys feeling like a "mother" to her students.

When we are blessed with the opportunity to become parents, Melissa will leave her position as a teacher to become a stay-at-home mom. Home is where the heart is; and she is thrilled to give her heart and soul to our child.

Qualities We See in Each Other:

Melissa says, “Although corny to say, I consider Anthony to be my Prince Charming, who drives a white Cadillac instead of riding a white horse. From always opening the car door for me to all the sweet and sincere things he does, he constantly shows me that true love and chivalry exist. Anthony is extremely respectful, compassionate, and hardworking. He values and upholds the motto of “service above self.” Anthony puts everyone around him first; always lending a helping hand or shoulder to cry to on. I am always comforted by his protective nature and unconditional love. I can depend on him for anything. I can’t imagine my life without him, Anthony means the world to me.”

Anthony says, “There are so many things that I love about Melissa, but one thing I love most is her care and compassion towards everyone around her. Melissa cares deeply for all whose lives cross her path. She values and upholds the “Golden Rule” with integrity as she treats others with the same courtesy and dignity that she would like to be treated. Melissa especially takes great pride in the children she teaches, rejoicing with them in their triumphs and growing with them in their tribulations. I have watched her kind heart and calm temperament with our nieces and nephews and with her students at school, and I cannot wait to see the huge smile on her face as she nurtures our child.”


Anthony enjoys fixing and restoring cars (especially Cadillacs), working in the yard, and cooking on the grill. Melissa enjoys dancing (especially ballet), baking delicious desserts, reading, and arts and crafts.

We love taking our dog for long walks around the local lake and stopping for scenic picnics. Our dog lives for treats and kisses, and we graciously supply her with many. We're especially lucky that the local ice cream stand sells doggie ice cream, but having a cone of her own doesn't stop Caddie from licking up ours too!

We also love giving back to our community any way we can. We are involved in various organizations together including the Sons of Italy for which Anthony is the President and Melissa is the Secretary.

Activities We Look Forward to with Our Child:

We look forward to giving a child an incredible life filled with love and opportunity. From the simplicity of eating dinner together every night to the luxury of traveling the world, we are excited to delight in the many memories we make and the quality time we will share with our child. We look forward to reading our child nightly bedtime stories, baking and cooking together, taking road trips across the country, instilling a love of science and the arts through trips to the museum and theatre, and so much more! We can’t wait to encourage and explore our child’s interests and abilities by sharing all the wonders the world has to offer.

Extended Family:

We have very strong relationship with our families, who are eagerly awaiting the newest addition to our loving families. Our child will have 6 cousins, 3 Aunts, 4 Uncles, 2 Grandmothers, 2 Grandfathers, and one Great-Grandma who will adorn them with love and affection. Their cousins, who range in age from six months old to fifteen years old, are all excited to have another playmate!

Melissa’s dad comes from a large, loving family; he is the youngest of eight siblings. Every summer we enjoy an extensive family reunion at our family's lake cabin in Maine and beach house on the Atlantic Ocean.


We greatly enjoy bringing our loved ones together at least once a month by hosting a variety of gatherings at our home! Whether it is for a family game night or backyard barbeque, our annual pumpkin party and Christmas cookie swap, or holiday traditions like Thanksgiving dinner or Easter brunch, we love uniting our family and friends for food, fun, and festivities.

Our community has countless ways of celebrating special occasions that we are actively involved as well, with including the Sweetheart Dinner Dance, parades for Memorial Day, carnivals for homecoming, Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving, and the festival of lights at Christmas.

Home and Neighborhood:

We live in a charming brand new, custom built three bedrooms, two bathrooms, colonial townhouse on a quiet dead-end road in friendly, suburban neighborhood. We love our open floor plan home that enables us to bond at family gatherings and is delightful for entertaining our friends. We have a spacious deck and a fenced in backyard that is perfect for hosting our family cookouts and parties.

We also live within walking distance to family friendly recreational parks and playgrounds. We love that our home is perfectly situated thirty minutes from the city for exploring our nation’s history and family attractions, and an hour away from the best beaches for spectacular seaside getaways and outdoor adventures.

Our Adoption Story:

Due to medical issues Melissa had in her youth, we realized early on that God had a different plan for creating our family. Along with our family and friends, we are very excited to start building our family through adoption. It has always been our dream to become parents and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be parents through adoption.

Adoption is a miracle that allows us to achieve what would otherwise be impossible and helps another person in need of a resolution.  Both of us strongly believe in the benefits of an open adoption and intend to honor our child’s adoption story through positive, age appropriate information. We will warmly acknowledge our child’s adoption story with validation, comfort, and hope while building positive connections and self-concepts.

We want our child to understand their birthparents’ great sacrifice, and to admire their strength and selflessness. They’ll always know that your love is what bought them to us. Our home and hearts are open to you. We welcome you as a member of our family in whatever way is most comfortable for you and in the best interest of the child.


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