Meet Andrew and Ruth:

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About Us:

Thank you for reading our profile! We are so excited about expanding our family through adoption for the second time!

We met about 15 years ago through mutual friends while attending college together. After graduation, we dated long-distance while Andrew served in the Air Force. We married after 4 years of dating and have been married nearly 10 years. We had the wonderful opportunity to expand our family in early 2017 with the adoption of our son, Luke.

Andrew works as a Program Manager in a Cancer Center at a large hospital in Boston.  Ruth works as a Program Manager at a consulting firm in Boston. Both of our employers offer flexible work schedules and generous parental leave following an adoption. We both work shorter work weeks, which allows us both to have a day at home with our son (Luke) each week. Three days a week, we walk to pre-school together and Luke loves his friends and teachers.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Boston, surrounded by playgrounds, splash pads, and lots of museums which we frequent. We have been so blessed through adoption with our son and are so appreciative of his birth parents. We look forward to opening our hearts and home to a second child.

Our Hobbies:

We both enjoy the outdoors, especially lakes and mountains. Biking, skiing, hiking, camping, fishing and kayaking are some of our favorite activities. We enjoy many attractions around the city including museums, concerts and sporting events. We love to travel but sometimes find a relaxed weekend at home hits the spot! We already enjoy including our son in many of these hobbies and encourage him to pursue his favorite activities.  Luke currently attends weekly swim and music classes and they are always a highlight of the week (for him & us)!  We love spending time together as a family and look forward to adopting another child.

Qualities We See in Each Other:

Ruth about Andrew: Andrew loves to be surrounded by people he cares about while enjoying the great outdoors. He is strong and steady, the kind of guy who can handle anything that comes his way. He cares deeply about his family and has a true servant's heart. He loves hiking, biking, and southern BBQ! Andrew is a wonderful father. He is patient and kind. It’s been a blessing to see our son benefit from these qualities I enjoyed for many years before we became parents.

Andrew about Ruth: Ruth is caring, loving, fun and loyal but is also driven, focused and dedicated. I love Ruth’s ability to balance being a loving and supportive spouse and friend while also pursuing her passions and career. She has wonderful maternal instincts, and I see her sacrificial love for others before self on a regular basis, especially with our son. She loves cooking and inviting people to our home. She does a great job creating a sense of community for our family.

Activities We Look Forward to:

We can’t wait to introduce our new baby to our supportive family and community of friends. They have done a fantastic job of supporting us as parents and loving our son. We want to expose our children to a wide range of activities, including many that have been influential in our own lives (youth sports & hobbies).  Bike rides along the harbor and river are a favorite family activity! We love going to national and state parks and we can’t wait to take our children with us. We also love to cook and look forward to special meals at home as a family.

Family Gatherings/Holidays:

We are close to both of our families and we can’t wait to introduce them to our new baby. Christmas and Thanksgiving are our favorite family holidays. These holidays are a time where everyone comes together to enjoy a (large!) meal and spend time together. Andrew’s family has incredible recipes that we look forward to all year. Ruth’s family holidays include lots of time with nieces and nephews at the lake.

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is decorating the tree using ornaments from each new place we’ve visited together.  We look forward to adding another special ornament to our collection when we travel to meet our baby for the first time.

Our Adoption Story:

After many years of struggling to conceive we decided adoption was a wonderful opportunity for us and the right way to grow our family. We have so much respect for parents considering adoption plans. We adopted our first child, Luke, by partnering with AWL a couple years ago. We know we have more love to give and look forward to growing our family with a second adoption. We want our child to know our ability to love him or her was only possible because of the love you first demonstrated. We want our child to know about his birthparents and welcome an open adoption.

Our Home and Neighborhood:

We currently live in a quiet neighborhood in Boston in a comfortable home that allows us close proximity to work and school, giving us more time together as a family. Our apartment is close to the Boston Museum of Science, Boston Children’s Museum, playgrounds, baseball/soccer fields, Charles River and both of our offices. We love to open our home to friends and family on a regular basis and want it to be a warm and welcoming place for others.

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