Meet Andre and Erin:

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About us:

We met through common friends and got to know each other as teammates playing on a fall softball team, chatting in the outfield.  Shortly after season ended, we went on our first date by watching the neighborhood kids Trick or Treat on Halloween. We have been inseparable ever since.

Erin is a teacher and absolutely loves her job and working with kids.  Andre works for a well-established company in their marketing department.  Andre is a very hard worker and a great provider for our family.  Erin is able to take a leave of absence from work to care for and bond with the baby when it is born.

Qualities we see in each other:

Erin:  “I admire the way Andre lives his life to the fullest. Whether it’s trying a new recipe, signing up to play on a new sports team, or traveling the world, life is anything but boring with Andre.  Having Andre as my partner in life has been my biggest blessing to date.”

Andre: “Erin is compassionate, kind, and light-hearted.  I admire how passionate Erin is about education. Erin will be a very nurturing and caring mom.  I know in Erin I have found my perfect partner in life.”

Extended family:

We are both the oldest of three children and have very supportive loving parents and siblings.  Both families are elated at the prospect of a new family member, especially since it will be the first baby on both sides. We cannot wait for our baby to be introduced to our loving families.


We enjoy playing softball, soccer and tennis, and in the warmer months we are often camping, hiking, boating or relaxing on the beach.  We make the best of the frigid winter months by spending weekends on the slopes and school vacation weeks traveling.  We feel like we have such a fun life.

Activities we look forward to with our child:

We look forward to comforting, cuddling and caring for our baby.  Erin longs for the day that she can take her baby for walks on the beach, while Andre is eager to pass on his love for soccer and football.  We will surely have our child outside playing sports as soon as possible, and eventually coming up with fun themes and games for birthday parties.


We love to spend holidays with family and friends.  Christmas Eve is spent at Andre’s parents’ house enjoying dinner with his immediate family followed by gifts and games.  Christmas Day is joyfully celebrated at Erin’s parents house, surrounded by both sides of her extended family of 30-40 people including up to 9 small children.  We look forward to visits from Santa, Halloween costumes and Easter egg hunts.

Our adoption story:

We will be sure your baby knows their adoption was an act of love, not only by us, but also by you.  I assure you, your baby will be loved, cared for and protected by us and the great community of friends and family around us.  We will all be eternally grateful to you for bringing this baby into our lives, and we will spend the rest of our lives providing our little one with a loving, supportive and stable home.

Home and neighborhood:

We live in a spacious city home we have enough space for a nursery, playroom and a separate guest room for grandparents to comfortably visit as often as they would like.  There are many small children that live close by, including a newborn next-door.  We are in walking distance to many parks and the beach!


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