Meet Alan and Vicky:

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About us:

We were introduced to one another at college through the boyfriend of Vicky’s roommate.  We soon discovered that we were taking the same class, and for months met at the library, eventually turning our friendship into a romance.

Vicky is a stay at home mother who was a career counselor previously and Alan is a Middle School educator.  Vicky is planning to stay home full time with the baby.

Qualities we see in each other:

Vicky  says, “Alan is a humble, intelligent, faithful and loving man.  He is undoubtedly committed to me.  Our relationship was challenged as I experienced all of my fertility-related health issues – but not once did he waiver from his love and commitment to me and to us.  Alan’s patience, humor and dedication to our son Noah has been such a beautiful thing to watch over the last five years.”

Alan says, “Vicky is  a fun-loving, beautiful, passionate, and giving woman, who has remarkable instincts, is a great leader, a wonderful cook, and a tremendous parent.  Vicky always wants to give to me, to our families, and to others.  As a mother, she wants to give the world to our son, Noah and looks forward to doing so for a second child.  She is a strong woman, a positive role model and a natural leader.  She has taught me how to lead, and how to enjoy life.  She enjoys the company of others, and always helps or welcomes them.  As an educator I have been around many people who work with children, but none like Vicky.  She has an unbelievable way with kids; she is naturally gifted at getting kids to listen to her, follow her lead and make the right choices. “

Activities we look forward to doing with our child:

We look forward to sharing the things that make us happy as a family--from activities like hiking, camping, swimming and skiing to quiet-time spent reading and playing board games to working around the house and gardening together.  We come from families that did everything ourselves and together and look to share that same thing with our children.

Our extended family:

Vicky has a brother and sister who treat Noah like their own child.  With Vicky coming from a large Italian family, her cousins are like siblings, and their children are like Noah’s cousins and will be the same to a second baby.  In Alan’s family, Noah gets special treatment as the only young child--both of his cousins are in college and love spending time with him.  They are thrilled at the idea of welcoming another baby.  Most importantly, Noah talks each day about welcoming a new baby into our family.  He spent time at Vicky’s mom’s daycare and in a multi-age Preschool where he has great experience with younger children.  He shows remarkable care and love to younger children and truly cannot wait to be a big brother.

Our adoption story:

We have been taking out all of the baby items that were Noah’s and remembering that feeling of holding and loving him from the moment we learned about his birth mother’s plan for us to be his adoptive parents.  We are so appreciative of all you as a birth mother are considering as you make this decision, as Noah’s birth mother did for him.  We share with Noah the decision that his birth mother made for him and talk about her regularly.  We will share our second child’s adoption in the same way.

Our home and neighborhood:

We live in a very community-oriented town where all activities are family-focused.  Considering Alan’s area of expertise in public school education, we also selected the town on its educational reputation.  Our home is on a cul-de-sac within a very friendly neighborhood.  We have a neighborhood full of children in a range of ages with whom our son Noah plays constantly. Our yard tends to be the one everyone convenes to which we love.  The town itself has several parks and even a trail that runs through it. We like walking that trail often since it leads to a little coffee shop at the center of town.  We live in a colonial home with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, fireplace room, sunroom, basement and attic.  We have a mix of traditional and modern furnishings with Noah’s toys sprinkled in every corner of course.  Because we love being outside, we have a huge vegetable garden and outdoor patio area and swing set.  As we mentioned, we love being outdoors so the outside of our home is cared for just as much as the inside.

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