Meet Alain and Celia:

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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We met in Rwanda, where Alain is from, and now live full time in Boston.  Alain is a doctor and Celia is a PhD student in education. We live with our very naughty cat Pickles and are so excited to become parents.

Our Story

We met in rural Rwanda. We were both working at a hospital there, Alain as a doctor and Celia in medical education. We met in the large dining hall where all the staff gathered in the evening for meals.

I (Celia) fell in love with Alain immediately. He is such a warm, thoughtful, caring, funny person, and I could see that from the first time we met at the dining hall, where he put everyone at ease.

I (Alain) quickly fell in love with Celia too, as I found her easy laughter, her sense of humor, and her generosity irresistible.

It took us two years to begin dating, though. All of our colleagues and friends used to tease us that we should get together, and although we denied it, we eventually admitted that they were right!

Our Hobbies

We share the same hobbies – we love to spend time outdoors, hiking and riding bikes. Alain is also a runner and Celia loves to swim. We also love to travel the world and learn new languages. When we’re home, our favorite activities are cooking together, reading, and playing with our very naughty cat, Pickles.

Qualities We See in Each Other

There are so many things I love about Alain. First, he is kind and gentle with everyone, always seeing the best in those around him. I also love the relationships he has with his huge family, particularly his young nieces. He is always curious and eager to learn new things, qualities that make him a great doctor, adventurer and partner.

Celia is the most generous person I know. I’m inspired by how she always puts others before herself. I also love how passionate and fearless she is in pursuing her dreams. Her ability to form and maintain friendships and her care for her family are also incredible and mean that our home tends to be filled with loved ones.

Our Extended Family

Alain has 6 siblings, 6 aunts and uncles and 60 cousins! They live in Rwanda, and many have come to visit us and we visit them too. Celia has a brother, 6 cousins, lots of aunts and uncles and her paternal grandparents, and we spend time with them at holidays and other celebrations. All of our family members are excited for a new addition to the family.

Our Adoption Story

Celia was diagnosed with a heart condition when she was four months old. Although the doctors repaired her heart, she always knew that it would be unsafe for her to give birth to a child, and she has been excited to adopt since she was very young. Alain has always wanted to be a father and adoption seems like the perfect way to make that dream come true. We are thrilled to start this lifelong journey together!

Holiday Gatherings

We are lucky to have family in many places and we divide our holiday times between Boston and Alabama, where Celia’s family lives, and Rwanda, where Alain’s family lives. In all places, we are often the ones making the pie. Yum.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in a sunny three-bedroom home with a large backyard. We are in a family-friendly neighborhood in Boston that is full of diverse families, and we are walking distance from two children’s libraries, a public pond and a forest, which we like to explore in sun and snow. We also love living here because we can access all the great things that Boston has to offer, such as museums, parks and cultural activities, even while living in a quiet and green part of the city. We think it’s a great place to raise a child!

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