Meet Adam and Jason:

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About Us

Love, family, and fun are at the heart of our lives, and we can't wait to share that with a child! Adam is a doctor, and Jason is a lawyer. We live in Boston with our sweet dog Oreo.

Our Story

A mutual friend introduced us in 2002 in San Francisco. Adam was in medical school, and Jason was in law school. It was love at first sight. Later we moved to Boston, where we married in 2009 in front of our friends and family.

Our Hobbies

Adam loves to rock climb and hike outside, while Jason loves to sing and play music. A perfect night together would be dinner and a movie, especially a good romantic comedy. A perfect weekend together would be camping in the forest, sitting by the fire making s’mores.

Qualities We See in Each Other

Adam: What I love most about Jason is his generosity and sense of justice.

Jason: What I love most about Adam is his silliness and compassion.

Holidays with Our Families

With most of his family in California and Arizona, Adam makes the most of his time with his parents, three sisters, and young niece and nephew. We all get together every Thanksgiving in Southern California, when Adam's extended family gathers for lots of turkey, stuffing, and fun at the beach.

For Christmas, there's nothing we love more than to visit Jason's family in Michigan, to see his sister and brother-in-law, their two kids, and his mom who lives with them. Afterwards, one of our favorite traditions is to invite all of our cousins over on New Year's Eve for a big sleepover.

Our Adoption Story

From our first date, we've talked about having children together. After many years of school and careers, we are ready to take that step and welcome a baby into our lives. We want to build a home that is filled with laughter and love, singing and silliness -- not to mention our dog Oreo's occasional barking! We hope you feel comforted to know that your child would be the center of our universe.

We will always honor your important role in our child’s adoption story, and how you helped us create a family together. We want our child to know their history and heritage, and the choices you made to give them the best life possible.

Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child

  • Take our child camping
  • Make snow angels together
  • Go pumpkin picking in New England
  • Visit national parks, like Grand Canyon and Yellowstone
  • Teach them to play an instrument

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in a safe neighborhood of Boston, with the sights and activities of the city just steps away from our home. Within 15 minutes, we can get to the Children's Museum, New England Aquarium, Greenway Carousel, Museum of Science, Harvard Natural History Museum, and Franklin Park Zoo. But what's most exciting is that our child will be exposed to the wonderful diversity that the city has to offer.

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