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Adoption Stories from Birth Mothers

Adoptions With Love develops a relationship with every birth mother and family we work with. Over the years, we have received touching letters from birth mothers who want to share their stories. If you are considering adoption, you may find the following letters helpful as you make your decision, because they come from women just like you.

Stories from birthparents just like you.

Amy’s Letter
Nine years after an adoption, Amy brings home a baby of her own.

Amy describes the emotions of bringing home a baby with her husband nine years after choosing a family for her first baby, and how she has no regrets about her decision.


Donna’s Letter
To Those Angels Who Chose Life

Donna explains how the emotion of love replaced the anger she experienced when she had to make a choice by herself. “Love is an emotion that will never fade.”


Katy’s Letter
Raised by adoptive parents herself, Katy finds herself pregnant in college and alone in her emotions.

“Eleven years ago, I chose AWL because they treated me with respect, they were responsive, they did not push me, they were calling me to see how I was doing, and most importantly, they developed a plan that fit around my unique needs and dreams.”


Diana’s Letter
It’s one of the hardest decisions, but the right kind of support can lift the weight from your shoulders.

“I didn’t think it would be this hard or that my feelings would’ve been this strong… The people at AWL have been very understanding… I also thank God every day that there are people out there who care so much.”


Carma’s Letter
Sixteen years later: Reflecting on a decision to choose adoption for her baby

Carma writes a letter to women considering adoption as an alternative for their baby. She describes the kind of support she received from the AWL staff, including the communication she shared with her baby’s adoptive family.