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Agency Adoption vs. Identified Adoption

Many mothers that are considering adoption believe that an identified adoption is the only way that they are truly able to choose a family for their baby. This is not the case. When working with a private, licensed adoption agency like Adoptions With Love, expectant parents like you are in the driver’s seat. Your adoption plan is one hundred percent your own, and only you can make the best choice for you and your baby. As an agency, our mission is to help you choose a family that is well equipped, fully able and completely prepared to raise your child. Adoptions With Love works with prospective adoptive families that are waiting to lovingly adopt.

When you are exploring the positive choice to place your baby for adoption, you will have to decide how you would like to design your adoption plan. As an expectant/birth mother, you have choices. In many states, you have the option to find a family for your baby independently, and go through the adoption process on your own without any further guidance or assistance. You also have the option to work alongside licensed and experienced professionals at an adoption agency to find the perfect home for your baby. Through a private agency like Adoptions With Love, an entire team of compassionate adoption experts will support you as you select a family for your baby and navigate the entire process together. No matter which path you choose, know that there will be many loving families wanting and waiting to adopt your child. Before you make this decision, consider how each plan will affect you and which will be best for your baby in the long run.

An identified adoption is typically arranged directly by expectant/birth parents and prospective adoptive parents. Expectant families are often attracted to an identified adoption because it appears to be a quick, flexible alternative to working with an adoption agency.  Many choose this method because they want complete control over their adoption plan.

The majority of these identified adoption searches begin on the Internet. Couples looking to adopt a baby often place online advertisements, post in online databases, or create their own websites marketing themselves to expectant/birth parents. Expectant/birth parents can similarly use online resources to find prospective adoptive families. Some simply “google” families for their babies, but may not be aware of the potential dangers of this online search.

If you are considering an identified adoption, take precautions. What waiting adoptive families say about themselves on the Internet is not always true. There is really no way to verify the accuracy of the information they provide in their profiles. Most online services do not validate or meet with these families at all before the adoption takes place.

Before going ahead and choosing a family on your own, ask yourself how comfortable you are entrusting your baby to a family that may not have been verified or screened.  While there are laws that regulate all adoptions, they are not always followed. Adoption laws are in place to protect everyone involved in an adoption plan and to keep the child in a safe and secure environment. There is a process of receiving approval from the government, and a home study must be performed to verify that an adoptive family is emotionally, physically and financially prepared to adopt a baby.  Background criminal checks and child abuse checks are completed and reviews of the family’s medical and financial history are conducted by social workers before a family is approved to adopt a child. The problem is that many of the people adopting independently do not follow these laws, and therefore put the entire adoption in jeopardy. For this reason, identified adoptions are illegal in some states. For state-specific information regarding your local adoption laws, call Adoptions With Love today.

In some cases, “facilitators” will advertise their services to assist in these sort of identified arrangements. These facilitators could be compared to online dating services. For a seemingly small fee, they will connect expectant/birth parents with potential adoptive families and—that is it. They do not offer further counseling or emotional support for any of the parties involved in the adoption. They will not be there for you in the future, should you have questions or need to talk to someone.

Adoption is a life-changing decision. As an expectant mother, you should be fully informed of all your options, and all non-biased details of the adoption process so that you can make the best decision for you and your baby. Waiting families or online facilitators may try to pressure you into a quick decision, while a reputable, experienced private adoption agency will offer you guidance and support all the way through the adoption process. With Adoptions With Love, there is time to make a decision, every part of the process will be legal, and the choice will be yours.

At Adoptions With Love, your wishes will always be a priority. Our goal is to find the best family for your baby, and to make your perfect adoption plan come to life. Call 1-800-722-7731 or text us confidentially at 1-617-777-0072 to get started today.

Questions to Ask when Choosing an Adoptive Family

If you are an expectant mother and have decided to courageously make an adoption plan, you likely carry an image of the ideal home and family for your baby.

There are numerous questions to ask yourself to help you form this vision. What does that family look like? Will your child have siblings or pets, two parents or one? Where does the family live? Will your child to college? Is a certain religion important to you? Do you want a stay at home parent? Do you, the expectant mother, have an ongoing relationship with the family?

Making an open adoption plan for your baby will allow you the opportunity to give your child all of the things that you wish for him or her.  Today, you can choose the adoptive parents for your child. At Adoptions With Love, we can help you determine exactly what you are looking for in a family. Our adoption professionals can help you to find the family that is the best fit for you and your baby. If you would like, you can meet the adoptive family in person. For many expectant parents, meeting a prospective family completes their mental picture of their child and his or her future. It gives them reassurance and comfort to see, hear, and understand exactly what these prospective parents have to offer. It helps to form trusting relationship.

Each of the waiting families at Adoptions With Love has created an “Adoptive Parent Profile” so that you can get to know who they are and why they have chosen to build their family through adoption. They include letters and pictures for expectant parents like you to read and review. You can see how they live, what they look like, what their hobbies and interests are. While these adoptive profiles are very extensive, phone calls or face-to-face meetings can be even more helpful. Hearing what adoptive parents have to say when asked specific questions, and seeing how they react to these questions, can often be the most telling of all. By meeting a prospective family, you can put a voice to what you have seen in their profile books. You can establish a relationship built on understanding and trust. You can connect with one another, and truly feel secure in your decision.

Adoptions With Love can help you prepare for this decision and the meeting process. You can meet an adoptive family in person, or, if you feel more comfortable, through a phone conversation or internet skype session. It is normal to feel nervous about this next step. Finding the perfect adoptive family for your baby is a very important decision because you also want to make sure they are the right fit for you. To ensure that a family shares the same desires as you for your baby’s future, you want to make sure you ask all of the questions you are interested in knowing:

  • Why did you choose adoption as a way to grow your family?
  • What kind of adoption plan do you desire—open, closed, or something in between?
  • What kind of contact we will have following the placement of this child? (Through letters, pictures, emails, visits, phone calls, etc.?)
  • Do you have other children, or plan to have any more?
  • How long have you been married? (Or, why have you chosen single parenting?)
  • What makes your marriage work?
  • What are your daily schedules like? Will there be a stay at home parent?
  • Why do you feel as though you would make good parents?
  • What are your parenting philosophies? How will you discipline this child?
  • What are you goals for the future, and for the future of my baby?
  • Do you have a college savings plan enacted for him or her?
  • Are you involved with your community? How so?
  • How do you celebrate the holidays?
  • Do you have a large extended family? Are they supportive of this adoption?
  • How will you explain the adoption to this child?
  • How will you refer to me, the birth mother, when speaking to him or her?

As an expectant mother choosing an adoption, you are putting your child’s needs first which is a very brave, unselfish act. Yet you are also giving your child the gift of life, happiness, and support. By using your head, your heart, and asking all of the right questions, you will lovingly choose an adoptive family that will endlessly care, nurture, and provide for your child. Adoptions With Love is working with many waiting families looking to parent. One may be the right one for you. Contact us or call us today to get started at 1-800-722-7731 or text us confidentially at 1-617-777-0072.

For more information on choosing a family for your baby, download our free eBook below!

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Researching and Finding the “Right” Adoptive Family

If you have decided that choosing an adoptive family for your baby is going to be a positive part of your plan, your next step is to carefully consider what you are looking for in a family. Now it is time to do some deeper research. Finding the perfect family for your child can take time, and for some, it can be an overwhelming process. There are hundreds of waiting families out there that want to become parents, and only a handful will be right for you and your child. How will you know you have made the best possible choice?

As a professional adoption agency that has been helping families grow for over 29 years, we have heard that the majority of expectant parents choosing a family have a moment where they just know when they have found the right family to raise their baby. They find a connection, or get a feeling, that confirms just how positive adoption can be. It is this connection that helps expectant/birth parents and adoptive parents establish a beautiful relationship. That relationship can evolve more with time, stemming from a pre-birth bond, and the unconditional love for a child, to a lifetime of comfort, trust, and opportunity.

In order to find the perfect family for your baby you will first need to explore all of your options. Adoptions With Love can help. Once you have carefully considered what you value most in a home, we can better understand exactly what you are looking for, and find the families that best match your desires. You can give your child the home you have always dreamed of, because you have a say in what type of family you wish him or her. This is your child, and this is ultimately your decision. Only you know what path will be right for you and your baby, but we can help by presenting you with adoptive families that are already screened and approved.

If you decide to make an adoption plan with Adoptions With Love, you will work with our team of professionals to determine exactly what you expect from an adoptive family. Once we understand just what type of family you want for your baby, we will send you a personalized selection of profiles from adoptive families that best match your desires, your needs, and your adoption plan. We believe these “Adoptive Family Profiles” are a very special way of initially meeting each waiting family. In each profile is a very personal message from each prospective parent—a message that is for you to read, to understand, and with which you can identify.  As a part of their profile book, hopeful families write letters to you expressing their dreams of parenting, their family history, their values, philosophies, interests, and more. Prospective parents also enclose photographs of their home, neighborhood, their extended family, and even their holiday celebrations or snapshots from family vacations.  These are included so that you can better understand who they are, where they come from, and the life your child will have with them.

At your request, we will send these “Adoptive Family Profiles” in the mail. You will be able to hold each book, each picture, and take time to read through the letters to “get to know” these families. This can be a very intimate experience. Through these profiles, you can determine what type of family feels best for your baby.

After some research, you may feel ready to make take the next step in choosing an adoptive family. If you are interested in talking with the prospective family you choose or wish to meet them in person, Adoptions With Love can make arrangements. If you wish, you can meet the family prior to birth of your child. They will come to you, wherever you are. We can also arrange a phone meeting, if you prefer. At Adoptions With Love, we always follow your comfort level. Even if you decide that you do not want to meet a family in person, we can arrange your plan accordingly. We are here for you.

While you do not have to meet the family, many expectant parents do feel comforted in putting a voice or face to what they have seen in profile books. It can be reassuring to see that your gift of an adoptive family is truly a wonderful reality after all. You are making a brave and selfless decision by choosing a family for your baby, and meeting this adoptive family in person can validate your choice.

For more information on choosing an adoptive family, download our guide at the link below. You can also visit our page of prospective families to get started, or contact Adoptions With Love at 1-800-722-7731 to begin your search for the perfect adoptive parents for your baby.

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Adoption is a Positive Choice

You have many options when facing an unplanned pregnancy and only one choice will be right for you. At Adoptions With Love, we will respect any decision you make. If you are currently pregnant and considering the positive option of adoption, know that you can design an adoption plan that works for you. There is no “one-size-fits-all” adoption. Your plan will be completely unique to you.

Choosing adoption does not only mean choosing a home for your baby. If you wish, you can plan for some future contact with the adoptive family that you choose.  For this reason, many expectant parents find adoption to be the best possible choice for their child. It is a choice made with the deepest love, understanding, and hopes for a child and for the future.

Adoption benefits everyone who is touched by it. Studies have shown that mothers who lovingly place their child for adoption go on to live a very fulfilling life. In comparison to single mothers who decide to parent their child, those who place are more likely to finish school, and have higher educational aspirations. They are also less likely to divorce in the future, and have another single-parent pregnancy. Contrary to what people believe, women that make an adoption plan  are not any more likely to experience negative psychological consequences, such as depression, than are mothers who have children as single parents.

Similarly, adoptive parents often find their “happily-ever-after” following placement. Nearly all of the parents who adopted children through a private, domestic agency describe their adoption experience as better than ever expected, and one of the best decisions of their lives. Adoptive parents, because of the fulfillment of a child, go on to maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

Adopted children also have enriching experiences in their families. Over 90 percent of adopted children ages 5 and older have positive feelings about their adoption. Well over half of all adopted children eat dinner with their families at least six days per week. They are more likely to be read to every day as young children, sung to or told stories every day, and to participate in extracurricular activities as school-age children.

It is normal for you, as an expectant parent, to worry about how your child will cope as he or she grows older and begins to understand the reality of adoption. You may not want your child to be angry with you, hurt by the situation, or feel alone. The fact is adoption has evolved quite a bit over recent years. Many children have peers that are also adopted. Adoptions are no longer secret, and children grow up knowing about their birthparents and have their questions answered. In fact, 99 percent of children today know that they are adopted, and the vast majority of the adoptions today are open or at least semi-open.

By maintaining contact with your child, whether directly or through letters and pictures at Adoptions With Love, your child can grow up understanding your choice to place.  Placing your child for adoption is, above all, a selfless decision. Your child will be grateful for the opportunities that you have given him or her, the opportunities that, at one point, you were unable to provide.

Once you have decided that adoption is a positive choice for you and your baby, we can now begin developing your adoption plan.  An agency such as Adoptions With Love can help you design a plan most appropriated to your wants and needs as an expectant mother. You can choose the adoptive family, as well as the amount of contact you want with them before the baby’s birth and following the placement. You make a hospital plan so that you can have control over your time in the hospital. Our team of adoption professionals will work closely beside you to ensure that you are comfortable with your adoption plan at each stage of your journey.

Please check out our latest infographic to see all of the stats!

How to Choose a Family – Considerations (Finances, Education and Environment)

This is part 2 in our recent series on the things to consider when choosing a family for your baby.  For part one on Family, Faith and Ethnicity click here.

As an expectant mother today, you have a say in how your plan will go. As you may have read in our most recent guide, How to Choose an Adoptive Family, part of this plan can involve finding a loving, secure home for your child. Many expectant parents find great comfort in making this brave decision. It reduces the anxiety or doubts one may have about adoption. As an expectant/birth mother, you have the opportunity to give your child the perfect family. You can feel confident in your choice, and your child will be grateful that you made such a compassionate decision for his or her future.

Adoption is largely about trust. We want you to trust in yourself to make this decision, and to trust whichever family you choose for your baby. Our team at Adoptions With Love encourages you to speak openly about what you desire in an adoptive family. We will help you create a list of wishes, priorities, and qualities you would like your baby’s family to possess. We will then help you sort through them to determine what is most important to you.

Adoptions With Love works with all types of prospective families. As you consider each one carefully, take into account what type of relationship and communication you want in the future with your child’s family.  Do you want to meet them prior to the baby’s birth? Do you want to maintain communication with them over the years?  Do you want to meet with them on a regular basis?  You can do this via email, texting, Skype, phone calls, or our letter and picture program. Open adoption provides many options for you and your relationship with an adoptive family.

You also have the option of choosing a family with a specific type of environment. For instance, you may want your child to be raised in a safe, close-knit neighborhood community. You may want them to live in a rural area surrounded by nature and room to play or in a larger city with boundless social and educational opportunities. As you begin your research, take note of the adoptive families’ homes, the activities around them, and the public/private schools in the area.

In choosing the perfect family for your baby, try to also consider how important education is to you, and how much the adoptive family values academics. Have the prospective parents completed a higher education? Do they have plans and resources to send your child off to college? What are their goals for the future and the future of your baby?

Often, an adoptive family’s education can indicate their level of financial stability. The waiting families at Adoptions With Love all have varying levels of income, but all are financially secure. Each prospective family at our agency has undergone a series of background checks to ensure that they can fully provide for a child.

As a private, non-profit adoption agency, Adoptions With Love has a very good relationship with each of our adoptive families. We assure you that each waiting family is ready and able to give your child the best home that he or she deserves. Any choice you make will be a wonderful one. For more information on choosing the right adoptive family for your baby, read our full guide today. Adoption is a positive choice. Selecting a family for your baby and building a relationship with the adoptive family can be a beautiful and courageous process.

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How to Choose a Family – Considerations (Structure, Faith & Values, Culture)

Choosing a family for your baby is a very important step to making an adoption plan. Every expectant parent desires something different, something unique that they aim to provide for their child through an adoptive family. Some parents only really need to know that their child will grow up in a loving, supportive home. For others, there may be more specific desires or particular characteristics they hope a family can provide.

Deciding on what you are looking for in an adoptive family can take time. As an agency that has been working alongside expectant mothers and prospective families for almost 30 years, we encourage you to take advantage of this time. Take time not only with your decision of a family, but also in deciding exactly what you feel is most important to you. What do you want for your baby? What are you looking for in an adoptive family, and what will you expect from them?

It is okay if you do not know exactly what you are looking for initially. Many of the expectant parents that come to Adoptions With Love are unsure of where to begin at first, but with assistance they design an adoption plan with which they are comfortable. They find a connection: something in common, something desires within the family they choose. This is what brings comfort to an expectant mother choosing a family for her baby. She knows when the right family comes along.

Try to close your eyes. Paint a picture in your mind of your child in the future. What does that picture look like? More than likely, you already know just what you want for your baby. Maybe you wish that your baby has the same kind of childhood you had—with a backyard, and a small neighborhood, and lots of pets, but you are unable to provide these at this point in your life. Or, maybe you wish for your child the things you never had, and the opportunities you wish you had as a child. Right now, these wishes may seem like a dream. While in fact, these options are right in front of you. Adoptions With Love has many waiting families all sharing the dream of parenthood. You can choose the perfect family for your baby, and spin these dreams into realities. Start by considering:

Family Structure: Family structure is one aspect to consider when choosing a family for your baby. Families come in all shapes and sizes. You can decide what type of household will be most beneficial for your baby. Start by thinking about what kind of parents you would like to raise your child. Do you prefer him or her to grow up with a husband-wife couple that cannot have children due to infertility? Or, do you prefer your child to be raised by a same-sex couple, who could not biologically have a baby otherwise? Do you welcome the idea of a single mom to raise your child? Consider if you would like there to be a stay at home parent.

Next, think of the larger picture. Will your child grow up as an only child, or will they grow and learn with siblings.  You may also wish there to be pets in the household, and a larger extended family with which to celebrate the holidays. These decisions are up to you.

Background/Ethnicity/Appearance: Some expectant parents desire an adoptive family that looks similar to them, or has certain attributes that may also be reflected in their child—hair color, skin color, freckles, curly hair. Expectant parents often find it important for an adoptive family to come from a similar background.  By having this cultural relation, they feel that their child will truly “fit in” to the adoptive family.

Decide if there are certain traditions you want your child to partake in culturally. Are there specific holidays you want him or her to celebrate? Does it matter if your child will grow up in a home that celebrates Christmas, or Chanukah, or both?

Religion: You may not have a religious preference for your child, but for some expectant mothers and fathers, this could be a deciding factor. You, of course, know what is right for your baby in your heart, mind, and soul. Do not ever be afraid to express that to us. We will help you find a family that believes as you do, if that is what you wish.

Sometimes, none of these specific considerations matter to expectant parents. Sometimes, choosing a family lies only in that single connection—that spark that will truly bond two families into one. A connection can evolve from anything, but it always begins within the heart.

Before you choose a family, consider engaging in conversation with one of our adoption professionals to help you in this decision. We can talk with you in depth about your wishes as an expectant mother. By doing so, we can better understand what you are looking for in a family. You can also better understand why you are here, and why your choice of adoption is such a positive one. We admire you for wanting to be a part of this process.

Your personal choices matter to us, and Adoptions With Love will always put those first in finding a family for your baby. If you decide you do not want to choose a family, we will fully respect that decision. We can chose the family for you. Your plan will be tailored to you.

Adoption gives your baby a beautiful life, a life that you can choose if you would like. No matter how your plan unfolds, know that a loving and secure adoptive family will be there both for you and your baby. So will we.

For more information on how to choose an adoptive family for your baby, download our full guide here. Call us at 1-800-722-7731 or confidentially text us at 1-617-777-0072 today for more information on how to get your plan started.

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How to Choose an Adoptive Family for your Baby [Infographic]

Adoption continues to change every day, and many people are seeing it in new light. Today, expectant/birth mothers have more say in their adoption plan than ever before. As an expectant mother, you can choose a life for your baby, and map out the specific details you want to be a part of that life. You can even play a significant role in it, if you wish.

You may have not planned this pregnancy, but you still have the opportunity to lovingly create a plan for your child. Many expectant parents do this by finding the perfect adoptive family for their baby. By choosing an adoptive family, you are also providing your child with a life of opportunity, stability, and love.

If you are currently facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to choose an adoptive family for your child, read on for more information. Adoptions With Love has created the following infographic to show you just who these waiting adoptive families are, and how adoption can benefit everyone it graces: you, the birth parent, your baby, and the family you choose.

The choice is yours. At Adoptions With Love, 100 percent of expectant parents have the ability to choose an adoptive family for their child. The majority of those who make this courageous decision often have the most positive experiences after placement. Choosing a family for your baby can offer you great comfort, knowing that you truly gave him or her something exceptional.

Making an adoption plan can bring harmony to your life, to your child’s life, and to the life of a loving adoptive family. We hope that the following infographic will show you just how positive adoption can be, and how choosing an adoptive family can ease your heart and mind as you begin this journey.

For additional information, please also download our free eBook:

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Adoptions With Love Celebrates Our 29th Anniversary!

ADOPTIONS WITH LOVE is celebrating its 29th anniversary this MAY! We are delighted to continue all the important work we do for all members on the adoption triad. We enjoy being engaged with you on our FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER pages and sharing all the new families as well as our blog posts. We invite you to share your thoughts and we would even enjoy a “guest blog” from you. Should you decide to send us a “guest blog” please email it to : .

Over the past 29 years we have changed our adoption program to be more inclusive of the needs of adoptees. Many of our adoptees are in their late teens and twenties. Our search and reunion program is quite vibrant. We would like to add YOU to our data base with your own address, phone, email, etc. Please send us your current information to: and we will update our data base to include you.

We have also become more inclusive of the “MODERN family.”  We actively seek married couples, same sex families, and single parents to adopt with our agency. As the needs of our expectant/birthparents grow, so do our services. We are doing many more “open adoptions” that take many forms.

We always enjoy hearing about the children that we placed with their family. Recently we heard from a woman graduating from a Nurse Practitioner program, a college or high school graduation, a wedding. We love to be updated from the women we have worked with who entrusted their precious child to the family through Adoptions With Love. That is the beauty of OUR agency still remaining healthy and vibrant and still doing the good work in adoption. WE REMAIN HERE FOR YOU.

Send us your ‪#‎bestwishes. We love to hear from you! ‪#‎adoptionswithlove29years

Unplanned Pregnancy: Legal Considerations You May Face

Each year, hundreds of expectant parents find peace by placing their babies in loving, adoptive families. If you are currently facing an unplanned pregnancy and know you are not yet ready to parent a child, you may also want to consider the courageous choice of adoption.

Your first step will be in contacting adoption professionals to gather information and confirm that you are making an educated decision. At Adoptions With Love, we understand that the decision to place a child for adoption can be difficult. We also know that the adoption process can be overwhelming or confusing for expectant parents.  As an expectant parent, you maintain all rights to your baby and each decision made regarding your child. You will not have to make these decisions alone. Our team of compassionate counselors and knowledgeable lawyers will walk you through each of your options, guide you in making an informed decision, and support you in creating your own, unique plan moving forward.

If you work with our team at Adoptions With Love, you will be provided with an attorney (at no cost to you) who is specifically trained in the adoption laws of your state. You will also be able to speak one-on-one with a compassionate counselor, who will provide you with support and guidance each step of the way. Our team of professionals will be available to give you expert advice throughout your adoption journey and at any time of the day. Contacting our agency, or consulting with one of our adoption lawyers, does not mean that you are committed to making an adoption plan for your baby, either. Our priority at Adoptions With Love is only to answer your questions, ease your concerns, and ensure confidence in whichever choice you make next.

If you are considering adoption, keep in mind that adoption laws vary by state. You will need to speak with an expert who is specifically educated in your local adoption laws. Adoptions With Love can help. In order to place your child for adoption, all state statutes require that you, as an expectant parent, give consent to place your baby in a secure and loving home. This means that you agree to release all of your rights and responsibilities as the legal guardian of your child. You pass these duties along to the caring adoptive parents, who will accept them gratefully.

No matter where you are, you have plenty of time to make a decision about adoption. Your choice should never be rushed or made under pressure. The primary aim of adoption is to provide a stable, permanent home for your child. As a result, we want you to feel completely confident in your choice of making an adoption plan. Only you know what is best for your baby. However, consulting with adoption experts can provide you with the necessary knowledge and support needed when facing an unplanned pregnancy. With the right preparation, you will make the right decision.

For more information on how to deal with unplanned pregnancy, download our comprehensive guide here:















If you would like to speak with an adoption professional about your feelings, your concerns, or to start your own adoption plan today, call Adoptions With Love toll-free at1-800-722-7731.


Financial Considerations of an Unplanned Pregnancy: The Cost of Raising a Child

One of the most important things to consider when facing an unplanned pregnancy is whether or not you are ready to parent a child. If you are unsure, try asking yourself the following: Are you fully able to provide for a baby at this time? Are you financially stable enough to fulfill your own life goals, and those for your child? Will you be able to balance both a career and a baby?

Having a baby is not simply a moment in time. Parenting itself is a lifelong commitment, requiring at least 18 years of steady support. If you are considering parenting, it is important that you also prepare for the expenses that may arise while raising a child.

A middle-income family with a baby born in 2013 can expect to spend about $245,340 on that child up until the age of 18. This figure does not include any costs before the birth (prenatal care), or any expenses after his or her eighteenth birthday (like a college education). According to the USDA, these are the top costs parents can expect to spend when raising a child:

  • Housing: From rent to mortgage payments, utility bills to home furnishings, the expenses associated with housing a child account for an average of 30 percent of total child-rearing expenses.
  • Childcare & Education: Childcare tuition and primary education costs are some of the most costly expenditures for families today. 18 percent of child-rearing costs include expenses such as babysitting, daycare, elementary school, high school, and educational supplies. If you choose to parent, consider who will help you take care of your child. Daycare costs an average of $11,666 annually. If you work 40 hours per week, you can expect nearly $6 of your hourly pay to go to daycare costs.
  • Food & Formula: Many parents today struggle in providing their children with healthy meals that are also cost-effective. Food and baby formula can comprise up to 16 percent of total child-rearing expenses.
  • Clothing & Diapers: As babies get bigger, so will their need for new clothes and shoes. This is why it is so important to prepare yourself, especially for the first few years. Those are often some of the most expensive. On average, an infant will use 100 diapers a week. This means that diapers can cost up to $1,000 per year. While government assistance can occasionally cover food costs, diapers remain an out of pocket expense.
  • Health Care: Medical expenses can get costly when raising a child. As a parent, you will consistently need to pay for pediatric checkups, vaccinations, shots, insurance, and any medications following your child’s birth.

Parenting involves a great deal of savings and financial preparation. While the expenses above are the most significant, they still do not cover every single financial requirement of raising a child. As an expectant parent, you should also consider your means of transportation, the costs of personal care items (haircuts, toothbrushes), entertainment (computers, televisions, toys), and extracurricular activities (dance classes, music lessons, sports leagues, etc.).

Try to be honest in evaluating your life both now and in the future. If you decide that your current income is not enough to support a family, you are not alone. One of the most common reasons an expectant mother chooses not to parent is a result of financial instability. Child-rearing expenses only continue to grow, making parenting seem less of an option for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Like you, each expectant mother still wants what is best for her baby. That is why many choose to place their children in adoptive homes, where financial security is ensured and opportunities are endless.

If you decide that adoption is right for you and your baby, financial assistance through an agency is available. At Adoptions With Love, we will assist you financially during your pregnancy and following the placement of your child. Hospital bills and the cost of delivery can add up quickly. We can help with any medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. We will also assist with maternity related expenses such as:

  • Rent/mortgage
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Electricity, air conditioning, and other utilities
  • Maternity clothing
  • Medical bills
  • General living expenses

Do not be afraid to ask us for help. We will work hard to assure all of your needs are met, and to provide you with constant, stable support throughout your journey.

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