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How to Find a Family to Adopt Your Baby

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering making an adoption plan for your baby. This is a loving, selfless decision. It is also one with which you will have many choices. Facing this situation may be overwhelming, and, at times, discouraging. You may feel as though you do not have much control over what is happening. Many expectant/birth mothers are comforted, however, to learn that they have many options within the adoption path. This includes finding and choosing a family to adopt your baby.

As the expectant mother, you have the power to determine who will adopt your baby. If you would like, you can choose the family to love and raise your child. Many expectant/birth mothers find peace of mind in this choice, knowing they picked out the perfect family for their children.

If you find yourself wondering, ‘how do I find the right family for my baby?’, you are certainly not alone. Many women find themselves in the same exact position every day. Here, Adoptions With Love outlines how to find a family to adopt your baby.

  • Work with a Reputable Adoption Agency

The first step toward finding the right family to adopt your baby is to work with a reliable, reputable, and trustworthy adoption agency. This adoption agency should be licensed and knowledgeable in all things related to the adoption process. Its staff should also be compassionate and understanding of your wants and needs.

Adoptions With Love is a licensed, private, non-profit adoption agency. For more than 32 years, we have been helping expectant/birth mothers nationwide place their babies with loving adoptive families. We understand how important it is to find a safe, loving, and stable home for your baby.

In addition to helping you find an adoptive family, your adoption agency can also help you with the costs and services related to the adoption, including scheduling and getting to your prenatal appointments. Adoptions With Love offers financial assistance in addition to free counseling and legal support.

We also take the time to get to know each of our waiting adoptive families, and ensure they are ready to raise a child. Each family is thoroughly screened and assessed through a series of background checks, home studies, and in-depth reviews of their personal records, so that you can assure your baby is going to the safest possible home. If you are looking for a family for your baby without the help of an adoption agency, you will not get this same level of assurance. Read more here.

  • Consider the Perfect Adoptive Family

Once you have found your adoption agency, you will want to think about what the “perfect” adoptive family means to you. Imagine your child five or ten years down the road. What kind of life do you wish him or her to have? Does he or she have siblings? Is he or she living in a city, or more of a rural setting? What are his or her parents like?

As you begin this process, jot down a list of must-have characteristics that the family will possess. This list will help you clearly see what you value as important in a family, and what quality of life you feel is necessary for a child – your child – to have. Take the time to talk about your wishes with your adoption counselor.

At Adoptions With Love, your wishes for your child are our priority, and they will always be respected. Whether you want your baby to have two parents, grow up with a certain religious background, or have a family that looks similar to your own, you are the one who will make these calls when seeking the right match. This is your baby and your adoption plan. Adoptions With Love will support you in this search, and in your decisions.

In your search for an adoptive family, you can also focus on small, specific things that matter most. Do you want the child to grow up with incredible academic opportunities? Travel? Play sports? Are there certain traditions you want your child to experience, like visiting Santa or making a wish at midnight on New Year’s Eve? You may be surprised to find that these little things can help ease your mind when choosing an adoptive family.

  • Share Your Wishes with Your Adoption Counselor

Once you have a clear idea of what traits your child’s adoptive family should have, it is time to share your “wish list” with your adoption agency counselor. At Adoptions With Love, our loving staff will take the time to talk with you, listen to you, and understand every detailed hope and dream you share with us. We are here to talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week – whenever you are ready.

  • Review Real Adoptive Families

After you have shared your wishes with your adoption agency, you will be presented with some profiles of families looking to adopt. These families will match up with the “must have” list you provided earlier in the process. You will have the opportunity look through their information, as well as photos and letters from families waiting to adopt a baby. Should you have more questions about a particular family, your adoption agency can help you get some answers. You can learn more about researching and reviewing adoptive family profiles here.

  • Take Your Time

When it comes to making an adoption plan, there is no rush to choose a family for your baby, or to make a final adoption decision. You will never feel pressure from an agency like Adoptions With Love.

Before choosing an adoptive family for your baby, take the time to consider how you want your adoption plan to go. Do you want your adoption plan to be open or closed? This is one of the most important considerations when looking for the right adoptive family. In order for your adoption plan to be successful, you will need to choose an adoptive family with whom you feel most comfortable, and who is open to the level of contact you wish to have.

Many birth mothers say they simply “know” when they have found the perfect family for their baby. For some, it is clear by reading an adoptive family profile that matches all of the important criteria. For others, it is more of a “vibe” they get from the family’s photo album and letters. Fear not if this process takes longer than you anticipated. Once you know, you will know.

  • Make Contact with an Adoptive Family

Once you have decided on the right family for your baby, you will have the option to meet them in person or over the phone. This is something that most expectant/birth mothers do today, as it allows them to get to know the adoptive family better.

If you choose to meet with a prospective family, be sure to ask questions. Try to think of what matters most to you in a family. You may want to ask how long the couple has been married, or what makes their marriage so special. By seeing how much love they have for each other, you can begin to understand how much love your child will receive. You can ask about how many children the adoptive parents plan on having, why they are adopting, and their plans for the future. You can also ask about their parenting philosophies, and what truly sets them apart from other parents out there. What do really want to know about this family that could potentially adopt your baby? What will help ease your mind and feel comfortable with this precious decision? More question ideas are listed here. Your adoption agency can help facilitate this meeting, as you get to know one another more.

Adoptions With Love can help you start the adoption journey, and walk you through every step of the way – including finding (and choosing) the best possible family for your baby. To start your adoption plan today, or for more information on our adoptive families, call us toll-free at 1-800-722-7731. You can also text us confidentially at 1-617-777-0072. We are available to talk or to listen at any time of day, any day of the week. Come join us on this special path together.

How “23 and Me” is Impacting the World of Adoption

You have seen the ads on TV. You have read the incredible stories online. And more than likely, you are familiar with DNA testing kits and the information they provide. As websites and tests like 23andMe grow in popularity, so does the hunt for answers regarding people’s ancestry.

Unfortunately, the DNA-testing trend is not always a “happy ever after” outcome – particularly in the realm of adoption search. These websites and test kits have been (often negatively) affecting adopted persons, birth parents, and even adoptive parents. Read on to understand why this is influencing people involved in closed adoptions, and a better way for adoptees to learn about their genetic history.

Searching for Biological Family Members

When a child is placed for adoption through a private adoption agency, a legal and binding arrangement is made. Expectant/birth parents have the option to choose an open adoption, in which they can keep in touch with their child over the years. As a result, the child has access to important information about his/her biological family. Adoptive and birth parents both agree to this open relationship. Open adoption is becoming more and more common; however, closed adoptions still exist.

If a birth parent wishes to remain anonymous via closed adoption, he or she can make that clear through the terms of the adoption. A birth mother may choose to have her information stricken from the birth certificate, for example. If contacted later on in life, the birth parent may reach out to his or her adoption agency and express the need for privacy. For adoptees who have no access to information through the state or adoption agency, however, DNA testing has become a game changer.

The recent surge of companies like 23andMe and have empowered adults who were adopted – as well as birth parents who placed a child for adoption – to find biological family members on their own, whether they have registered with a search service or not. How, you ask?

DNA and ancestry businesses connect all genetically-related people. If a birth parent’s relative is registered with a DNA service, he or she may be traced back to an adoptee who is searching for his or her biological family. Personal information is given out through these services.

The Debate

For many, the rise of DNA testing kits have started an ethical debate. There are those who believe that all people have the right to learn about their origins, and find out who their biological parents, siblings, and cousins are. At the same time, there are those who argue that the privacy of the birth parents as well as the adoptee, should always be respected, especially those who made confidential plans through a private adoption agency. Birth parents, after all, make selfless sacrifices to give their child the best possible life. Sometimes, they are faced with difficult circumstances, and do not feel it is safe or in the child’s best interest to keep contact through an open adoption arrangement. It is also possible that the adopted person is not ready for such a reunion.

There is also the possibility that, should a birth parent not wish to be contacted by his or her child, a forced reunion may happen as a result of ancestry services – and it may not be the happy, memorable moment that the adoptee had been imagining for years. An adoption reunion gone wrong can be traumatic and emotionally devastating to all involved. That is why going through an adoption agency is always recommended.

Real Reunion Stories: An Adoption Secret Uncovered (Too Late)

The story of 19-year-old Adele May serves as an example of the troubles with sites like In the year 1940, Adele was a pregnant teen in New York. With the help of her mother, she traveled to Georgia and made an adoption plan for her baby. At this time, the majority of adoptions were closed. As a result, her records were sealed until after Adele’s death.

Following the adoption, Adele moved forward with her life. She met the love of her life, and raised six smart, healthy children. She later had 10 grandchildren. For the rest of her life, nobody knew about her adoption – until the day that Jon, one of her great-grandsons, decides to do “23andMe.”

Soon after, a 78-year-old woman named Gretchen contacts Jon and tells him that they are related. She tells him that she was placed for adoption as an infant. Her records were sealed until 10 years ago, when her biological mother died.

Jon brings this news to the family. They are all in shock. Gretchen wants to know her biological family—she wants medical and familial history and an understanding of her biological mother. 

This has thrown the family into disarray. The siblings are split – three want to explore the relationship, and three do not feel they are emotionally ready to cope with this.

This shocking revelation sends Adele’s children into a state of confusion, doubt, and pain. Who was their mother? What were the circumstances of her pregnancy? Did their father know?  Were their lives a lie? What other hidden secrets are there?

On one hand, it is important for Gretchen to understand her biological roots; on the other hand, there was a reason Adele did not share this information. Now her six adult siblings do not know what to make of this. They also do not have the ability to speak with their mother directly.

Real Reunion Stories: Another Truth Unveiled

Adoptions With Love worked with one couple – Judy and Thomas – to make an adoption plan for their baby. As students, they were not at the right time in their lives to raise a child. They were also no longer in a relationship and wanted their child to have a stable and secure upbringing. So, they chose to make an open adoption plan. This meant that they would keep in contact with their son’s adoptive family.

Making an adoption plan was a very difficult and emotional decision for Thomas, and he struggled a lot before coming to terms with the adoption. As much as he loved and cared for this baby, he knew he was not ready to be a father. Believing he was the father of this baby – and wanting to do the “right” thing – he went through a lot mentally and emotionally throughout the adoption process.

Note: he and Judy both believed that he was the biological father of the child. They did not get a DNA test, and both terminated their parental rights. A test on soon told a different story.

After the adoption, the adoptive parents (Carol and Jim) chose to do an ancestry test online. When the test results came back, they were shocked – Thomas, the supposed birth father, is of Chinese descent, but their son was not. This meant Thomas was not the birth father after all, and someone needed to tell him. The birth mother, Judy, agreed she would tell Thomas of the news, but she knew it would be heartbreaking for him to hear. He cared so much for the child and considered parenting, only to find it was not his biological son after all.

Flash forward: Judy’s aunt also does a test on, and matches with one of the adoptive family members. The aunt does not know that Judy placed a son for adoption, as Judy chose to keep this news private from some of her extended family members. Judy does not know what to do. She reaches out to the adoptive mom, Carol, and asks her to not connect with her unknowing aunt. She is scared that her whole family will find out, and will bombard her and her son’s adoptive family for making this choice.

Is the Curiosity Worth the Heartbreak?

Despite the genealogy trend, there is a better way to go about an adoption search and reunion. Professional adoption social workers are skilled experts in adoption, connection, and birth family reunions. All records of birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive families are kept secure and protected. Should a birth mother wish to remain anonymous and maintain a closed adoption, her rights are respected. Of course, her child’s file is still updated regularly, should she ever change her mind. This ensures the privacy that the birth mother requested. It also ensures the chance for a reconciliation years later, should anyone feel a change of heart.

While the fascination with DNA testing is all the rage, it is certainly not the best path for many adoptees to take. Instead of hunting down one’s biological family, why not leave this important task to the professionals who secure the adoption in the first place? This helps ensure a positive adoption experience and a happy reunion later in life.

If you are interested in learning more about open or closed adoption, please reach out to Adoptions With Love. We are available 24 hours/day, seven days/week. We have been helping connect adoptive families and children for more than 33 years, and we continue to work with birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees for many years. We also have an active search and reunion process for those looking to find their biological family members.

Where to Go for Unplanned Pregnancy Support

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary, confusing, and overwhelming time in your life. It can also feel very isolating. You may wonder, ‘Who will understand what I am going through?’, ‘Who can I lean on for support?’, and above all ‘What am I going to do?’ For all of these questions and more, it is important for you to find real and reliable support. You need a person or group who you trust to listen to you, as well as your wishes and needs, and who will not pressure you in any shape or form. Read on for some ideas to find this level of unplanned pregnancy support.

When you first learned that you are pregnant, you likely wanted to turn to a trusted friend or family member. Someone who has known you and loved you for many years – if not your whole life – might have felt like the most natural place to turn. Maybe it is the biological father of your baby, maybe it is a parent, or maybe it is a sibling or close friend. If you feel comfortable talking about your situation with someone you trust, we encourage you to do so. This can be an incredible source of support. Try to think about who will not judge, pressure, or criticize you for any decision you make.

Many women also find it helpful to speak with other women who have faced an unplanned pregnancy. Only a person who has been in your position will truly be able to relate to how you are feeling. Speaking with a woman who has faced an unplanned pregnancy, and learning about her journey, may help you  make a decision regarding your own. She will also be able to offer support that even close friends and family cannot.

Should you have trouble finding a person who has been in similar shoes, there is one easy way to find this kind of friend: a support group. There are many  support groups for women in the United States today. There are groups for expectant mothers, groups for women at various points of the adoption journey, groups for teen birth mothers, and  groups for women who have chosen abortion.

Support groups can be a valuable tool, but if talking to groups is not your style, there are other options. There are experienced counselors out there that can help guide you through this experience. These facilities can help educate you and listen to you, whether you choose to parent, make an adoption plan, or terminate your pregnancy. Keep in mind that there are certain things to look for in a great counselor. You will want someone who is experienced in unplanned pregnancies, and who will not judge you for your thoughts, feelings, or choice. You want someone reputable, who has been helping women in your situation for years.

Adoptions With Love is one example of a place you can go for unplanned pregnancy help. We have a team of compassionate counselors who can help you talk through your options. Here, you will never be pressured into making an adoption plan or any other choice. We are here to simply answer your questions and help you make the most informed decision possible. Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers for over 32 years.

Whatever choice you are leaning towards, a professional counselor or social worker can be a great support, helping to work through your emotions in a safe and neutral setting, without bias or judgment. Some counseling services – such as at an adoption agency – are free to expectant/birth mothers.

Some adoption agencies are local, while others work with expectant/birth parents throughout the country and even overseas. Think about what is important to you. If you choose a personalized, private adoption agency, you will be matched with a counselor who can work closely with you to educate you on your options and guide you through the decision-making or adoption process – all while making sure you are comfortable at every step of the way. The role of an adoption agency counselor is to walk expectant mothers through the pregnancy, birth, placement, and the years of your child’s upbringing. While it may seem that placement is all there is to it, an adoption agency can also help with so much more, including counseling services – free of charge – throughout the pregnancy and the many years to follow.

Adoptions With Love can help support you throughout your journey. We never place any pressure, bias, or judgment on expectant/birth mothers, and will respect any choice you make. Our unplanned pregnancy support is extended to you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us anytime, day or night, for confidential guidance. Email or call 1-800-722-7731 today.

For more information on finding unplanned pregnancy help and support, please download our free “Guide to Your Pregnancy & Adoption Options” below.

Adoption Stories Uncovered in PBS’ “Finding Your Roots”

finding your roots celebrity adoption stories

From beautiful interior design in “Fixer Upper,” to the pursuit of partying in “Jersey Shore,” it seems there is a reality show for just about everything these days. One of the more meaningful shows to launch in recent years, however, is all about tracing your ancestry and discovering answers to your past. PBS’ “Finding Your Roots” conducts genealogical research on celebrities, helping stars trace back their heritage, uncover their roots, and discover unknown details about their biological families. As you can assume, adoption plays a major role in this TV series and in the lives of many celebrities today.

Now in its fifth season, “Finding Your Roots” with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a Harvard professor, endeavors to “get into the DNA of American culture.” The show has been helping stars such as Andy Samberg, LL Cool J, and Téa Leoni uncover their biological roots. With each episode, professional genealogists sift through census data, birth and death certificates, marriage records, and many more legal documents. They also analyze genetic code, having DNA diagnosticians trace bloodlines, and uncover family secrets while, often times, discovering new connections with relatives.

We know that adoption, as well as search and reunion, are very delicate and emotional experiences. In “Finding Your Roots,” the journey to discovering one’s biological history is equally emotional and sensitive. After the genealogical research is complete, the celebrities are presented a compiled book of “answers” about their past. As they turn the pages, they learn all of the unknowns about their family backgrounds. It’s a deeply personal experience, as many of these stars learn that adoption is actually a part of their family background. Some already knew, and some discover this along the way.

Funny How This Happened

In the season five premiere, Andy Samberg seeks answers to his mother’s unknown past. His mother, Margie, was adopted by her parents as an infant, and never learned anything about her biological  parents. She was always curious, but all her  parents told her was that they were killed in a car accident in California.

As she grew, however, Margie never stopped imagining what her mother looked like. She had tried looking into the situation for herself, but the closed adoption laws in New York prevented her adoption agency from giving out the names of her birth parents. Eventually, Margie’s youngest son and the star of the hit comedy “Brooklyn Nine Nine” Andy Samberg was contacted about being a guest on PBS’ “Finding Your Roots.” Normally a very private person, Samberg agreed in search of answers for his mother.

After several months of research, the genealogists of “Finding Your Roots” scheduled Samberg’s show taping. He was brought to a house that PBS had rented, and as he leafed through the “Book of Life”, as the show calls it, so did his parents in another room. The first page showed Margie’s birth mother, Ellen Philipsborn, who came from a German-Jewish family that immigrated to Berkeley, California during World War II. Margie’s husband, Joe, described her explosive reaction to the photo as very emotional. “I have never seen her lose it like that,” said Joe. “She looks at the picture and she bursts into tears. She is sobbing. She can’t stop sobbing.”

“There was no controlling it,” Margie said. “That was the child that had never seen her mother.”

The impact of seeing the photo of her birth mother was so profound, Margie says she was completely overwhelmed with emotion. She had wondered her entire life what her birth parents had looked like, so to finally see them was a deeply moving experience.

In addition to the photos and information about Margie’s birth parents, the Sambergs also learned that Margie had three half-siblings from her father’s other relationship: Two brothers and a sister. One of those brothers lived nearby. She contacted them and has since gotten to know these long-lost relatives. Margie is 72 years old, and she and her family are just now getting to know a whole new group of family members.

A Drama Star’s Family Drama

Téa Leoni’s season four episode of “Finding Your Roots” had the actress in tears. She was also seeking information regarding her mother’s adoption story. Due to the adoption laws that were in place in Texas, the documented details were hard to come by. Through DNA research, the experts of “Finding Your Roots” were able to identify both of Tea’s biological maternal grandparents.

Not only did the show uncover the names of her grandparents, they found that the grandmother was still alive at age 96. A private meeting was arranged with her to meet Téa and her daughter and mother.

Cool Revelation

LL Cool J learned about an adoption story in his own family, thanks to the ancestry research of “Finding Your Roots.” Scarred by his parents’ separation and violence as a child, the Grammy-winning rapper was raised by maternal grandparents who took him in and taught him about love and music. What they did not tell him, however, was that his mother had been adopted as an infant.

The secret had been kept from both LL Cool J and his mother. She also appeared on the show. The host did not feel it was right to surprise them with this sensitive news on television. Instead, they were told ahead of the show taping in a phone conversation.

LL Cool J’s mother said, in the show, that she understands her adoptive parents “had their reasons” for not revealing they had adopted her as an infant.

Andy Samberg, Téa Leoni, and LL Cool J share a common theme involving these adoption stories of their mothers: They were all kept a secret. For their entire lives, these women were in the dark about their biological families. For Andy Samberg and Téa Leoni’s mothers, the questions always swirled in their heads. They were always wondering about their birth parents and longing for answers. Understanding one’s biological past is so important. It is a big part of your identity. Not knowing where you came from can have a negative impact on your outlook on life. Fortunately, this is not the norm for children of adoption today.

Adoption has changed significantly over the years. It is not the secretive and shrouded subject that it once was. Today, most children grow up understanding their adoption stories. In fact, by the age of 5, more than 99 percent of adoptees know they were adopted. And because of their parents’ openness, the majority (90 percent) have positive feelings about their adoption experience.

95 percent of adoption agencies today offer open adoptions, meaning that the biological families and the adoptive families have some relationship with one another. Some meet and get to know each other in person. Some exchange letters and photographs over the years. Some talk regularly on the phone, or through email conversations. Open adoption has many benefits for children and their families, and for this reason, it has become the norm. Today, more than two-thirds of privately adopted children have had contact with their biological families. This level of openness – and the ability to ask questions and get answers – often leads to better identity formation and a stronger sense-of-self in children.

Sure, anyone looking for information regarding their biological roots can purchase a DNA kit, made popular by companies like “23 and Me” and However, for those who have been touched by adoption, this is not always recommended. Those in closed adoptions should work with their adoption agency to conduct a proper search, or to reach out to their birth parents with the help of an adoption social worker. Adoptions With Love has an active search and reunion program for those looking for more information about their biological families.

With open adoption, this is usually not necessary at all. Today, adoptive parents are encouraged to talk about adoption openly with their children, and to talk often. Keeping the conversation going helps adopted children understand their story and background, and feel loved and wanted.

If you would like to learn even more about adoption, reach out to Adoptions With Love. Our caring staff can help get you start on an adoption journey, or just answer questions you may have regarding the adoption process. Call us toll-free at 800-722-7731 today.

Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers Touched by Adoption

Father’s Day is a special time for families to gather and celebrate the “dads” and “dad” like figures in their lives. For many of us – both young and grown up – these important men help shape our family’s story, support us financially and emotionally, and inspire us to become better people. A great dad is always there to lean on. Who else can you depend on for a healthy dose of worry, wisdom, and wise cracks? There is a reason we affectionately refer to those corny quips as “#DadJokes.”

As anyone touched by adoption already knows, a father is not made up of DNA. A loving dad who is there for his child – whether biological or by adoption – is often the first and most supportive man in our lives. It is this love and support that makes a father a true “dad.”

As June 16, 2019 quickly approaches, we wanted to take some time to show the adoptive dads out there some love and appreciation. Here are some experiences and sentiments from fathers who have grown their family through adoption, with Adoptions With Love.

As adoptive dad Jim describes his meeting of his child:

“It was such a special moment for us. Finally, after so long, and so many twists and turns, to become parents and to meet Chip for the first time was an amazing moment.”

Adoptive dad Steve has a similar sentiment:

“It was just a very overwhelming, happy, positive experience.”

Double-dad couples not only get to experience double the joy on Father’s Day, many have also experienced the incredible joy of adoption. Read what this adoptive dad has to say about his feelings on becoming a parent:

“Becoming a parent has been like receiving the best gift you’re ever going to receive in your entire life. Especially as gay men, we were never quite sure if it was going to be entirely possible for us to have a family of our own, for a number of different reasons. With adoption, we were sort of holding our breath the entire time – hopeful, but still unsure. When our daughter arrived and we brought her into our own home for the first time, the amount of joy and gratitude we each felt was indescribable. Gratitude for the birth parents for making this huge sacrifice; for choosing us to raise this little girl; and for the agency for facilitating the entire process.”

Another couple of fathers expressed similar feelings of gratitude for their daughter’s adoption:

“I mean, how could we not be happy with Adoptions With Love? We wanted to have a beautiful little daughter, and it worked out [and is] so much more than we ever expected.”

Adoptive fathers care just as deeply about their child/children as birth fathers, if not more. Once an adoption is complete and the legalities are settled, there is an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness, just like there is after birth. One adoptive father chose to write a letter to his newly adopted son, Ben, on the day of his adoption. He and his wife had chosen adoption after struggling with fertility problems. (Note: fertility is not just a women’s issue; more than 9 percent of men in the United States face infertility problems today. If you are struggling with infertility and wish to become a father, you are not alone.) Here is some of what he wrote to his dearly loved child:

“Your Mom and I often lay in bed at night and talk about how lucky we are. Of course, we did not plan to have years of struggle starting a family.  We did our best to stay positive, optimistic and committed to our family plan. I will never forget the day we received the call and the day we first met. These are memories I will treasure forever. You have enriched our lives in ways that neither your Mom nor I could have ever imagined.

“There are times I wonder what would have happened if your birth mother chose a different family or made a different decision. Then I am around you and I am reminded that we were meant to be a family. You can call it fate, or god’s will; we know you belong with us.  As you know, you were not born from your Mom’s belly, however you were brought into this world via the love of many individuals including your birth mother, Mom and Dad. I promise you that most days you will never even think about being adopted. But when you do, I hope you know how much you are loved.  Although there are many other adopted children in this world, you are truly special.”

Happy Father’s Day to You

To all the great dads of all kinds – no matter your DNA, adoptive, parenting, or foster status – this one is for you. You should be celebrated this Father’s Day and every day. Whether you are an adoptive father, a prospective adoptive father, or a birth father who made an adoption plan – you are a hero. You deserve to be celebrated by those who love you most. We hope you enjoy the day with your family (and maybe even get another tie, or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug, to add to your collection).

Adoptions With Love supports all fathers looking to adopt or make an adoption plan. Please reach out to our caring staff any time at 1-800-722-7731, text us confidentially at 1-617-777-0072, or email us at