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Compassionate Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary time in a woman’s life. There are so many emotions and unknowns surrounding the situation. You may also have many concerns and questions about what to do next – What should you do? Who should you tell? Where should you go for support? Despite what you may be feeling now, know that you are not alone. Adoptions With Love is here for you. By asking questions, learning about all your options, and speaking with an experienced, compassionate counselor, you can make a positive, informed decision regarding your unplanned pregnancy.

If you do not feel ready to become a parent, or, perhaps, raise another child, you may be considering the alternative option of adoption. Adoption is a brave and selfless decision made with great care and love. It allows you to provide your baby with a stable home, a forever family, and a life full of opportunity. That is why we often say “making an adoption plan” – because it enables you to thoughtfully plan for your child’s life. Adoption also gives families who cannot have biological children the opportunity to become parents.

As positive as making an adoption can be for you and your child, it can feel like a lonely and overwhelming road at times – even for those with supportive families and loved ones. The caring staff at Adoptions With Love offers an extra shoulder to lean on throughout the journey.

As an expectant mother, you deserve to talk about your options in an open and neutral safe space. That is why Adoptions With Love offers free and judgement-free unplanned pregnancy counseling for women of all ages and backgrounds. No matter your situation, we offer non-biased, pressure-free, and confidential support. We can educate you on all of your options – from parenting to adoption – and help you make the best possible choice for you and your baby. We will support any choice that you make.

Unbiased, educational unplanned pregnancy counseling is a key resource to have as an expectant mother. While you may want to talk to friends or family about your feelings, it is also important to speak with a professional counselor. Pregnancy and adoption counselors are experienced, caring, and specially trained in unplanned pregnancies. They understand what you are going through and what you can do next. Family, friends, and even the biological father, however, may feel inclined to offer their own opinions. It is important to remember that, as an expectant mother, this is your decision. The right people to talk to (and the right counselors to see) are the ones who understand that only you know what is best for you and your baby. You should never feel judged or pressured into a decision.

Unplanned pregnancy counseling should be offered throughout each stage of your pregnancy. If you choose to make an adoption plan with Adoptions With Love, we will also provide you with free counseling services following your baby’s birth and adoption. All counseling offered to expectant/birth mothers is completely confidential.

Even if you have not made a decision, you can always turn to an adoption agency for unplanned pregnancy support. Adoption agencies work with many women in similar situations, and understand all aspects of what you are experiencing. You can see an adoption agency counselor simply to learn more about adoption, discuss all your options and to talk through any feelings you might have. It is important to find a licensed, dependable, full-service adoption agency that works within your state.

For more than 32 years, Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers make positive plans for their babies. We are a licensed, full-service, non-profit adoption agency that understands all the emotions and decisions that unplanned pregnancy can bring. With open minds and open hearts, our trained counselors will speak with you and educate you on your many options. In addition to options counseling, we also have access to attorneys who specialize in adoption. Should you decide to move forward with an adoption plan, we will help handle all legal and financial aspects of the adoption, including termination of parental rights for the birth father. We can also help you find quality, medical care.

Our counseling services for expectant/birth mothers are always free of charge. A woman facing unplanned pregnancy has enough on her mind. Paying for a counseling service should not be an added stressor. Know that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you through this journey. Simply call us toll-free at 800-722-7731 or text us confidentially at 617-777-0072. You may also contact us here or visit us online for more information regarding our free birth mother services.

8 Ways to Incorporate Adoption into Your Thanksgiving Traditions

adoption at thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is arguably one of America’s favorite holidays. It is a special time, not only for giving thanks, but for bringing families together. It also happens to take place during National Adoption Awareness Month. Turkey Day is the perfect time for everyone touched by adoption to celebrate and honor their choice.

Here are some simple ideas for adoptive families and birth parents this holiday.

  1. Sharing Thanks

Just before digging into some turkey and mashed potatoes, go around the table and share what you are most thankful for. This is a great opportunity for adoptive parents to express thanks for their child’s birth parents, for helping to form their family. Children can benefit from hearing positive dialogue about their birth parents and adoption story. It is also a great reminder for birth mothers, who can reflect on their selfless choice and find peace of mind in knowing their child is being raised and loved by good people.

  1. Lay it All Out on the Table

Here is a more creative twist to this round table discussion of thanks: Write down what you are thankful for. Buy a light-colored tablecloth and some wash-resistant pens. Each year, you and your loved ones can jot down what you are grateful for, while looking back on the notes from years past. Think of it as your Thanksgiving yearbook, that you build upon each Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Make “Thankful Jars”

Here is a great twist to sharing what you are thankful for. It does involve a bit more planning, but it is a simple and creative tool for getting the message of gratitude across. With this method, use empty jars designated for each guest at your Thanksgiving celebration. The jars may be decorated by family members or simply left plain. Ask everyone to write, on a small piece of paper, why they are thankful for each person and place it in the individual’s jar. Each guest takes home a gift of positive affirmations.

  1. Grow a “Thanksgiving Tree”

This is the perfect Thanksgiving tradition for the crafty family. Have the children find a leafless tree branch from the backyard and place it in a vase on the family table. Cut out leaves from colored construction paper and have each guest write what they are thankful for on a leaf. Attach the leaves to the tree using colorful ribbon for a personal – and festive – decoration.

  1. Capture the Moment

It goes without saying that photography is one of the best ways to capture precious family memories. Adoptive families should make it a point to take pictures together on Thanksgiving Day. Gather in front of the same backdrop each year, perhaps holding the same item. The item could be something particularly sentimental, such as a gift from the birth mother. It could also be in the same clothing or matching outfits. This is a fun tradition to enjoy each year, and it is extra special to look back on family photos of Thanksgiving through the years, to see how you all have grown as a family.

  1. Create a Scrapbook Page

Here is another creative activity for the whole adoptive family to enjoy. Make a memory or scrapbook page decorated with family photos taken on Thanksgiving and notes mentioning what each guest voiced as their greatest blessing. Both kids and parents alike will enjoy looking at this over the years.

  1. Sharing the Joy

Families involved in an open adoption can get the birth parents involved in the annual photo fun, too. If you have an open adoption or semi-open adoption arrangement, consider sending the pictures to the birth parents, with a letter of gratitude and an update on life each year.

Adoptive families could also send annual photos and updates to their adoption agency, like Adoptions With Love. Our staff loves to get updates and watch families grow! We also keep letters and photos on file, in case a birth mother does not have direct contact with the adoptive family but wishes to see photos or read letters down the road.

  1. Giving Back

In addition to giving thanks, adoptive families can consider giving back on Thanksgiving. Mentor a couple looking to adopt, or meet with a family currently going through the adoption process. You have been there. You know what it is like. Share your experience and offer any tips for going through the journey with a positive and patient outlook, especially for those waiting to adopt this holiday season.

Birth mothers can also give back this giving season, by helping other women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or going through the adoption process. Sometimes, there is no greater support than the kind that comes from others who have walked in similar shoes – who understand what it feels like to make an adoption plan first-hand, and who can relate to them on a personal level during this emotional time.

Bonus – For Prospective Adoptive Families

Families waiting to adopt do not need to wait to start their thankful displays. Write a letter to your future child and have family members do the same. Jot down your hopes and dreams for your child’s future. You could even include the traditions you would like to have for Thanksgiving with your child. This is a fun exercise to help build excitement and positivity for the future adoption. Just like the annual photos or tablecloth of thanks, the letters will also be fun memento to look back on for the many years to come.

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. It is the perfect chance for families of all kinds – adoptive, birth, blended, foster – to take a step back and reflect on all of their blessings. However you decide to celebrate National Adoption Month and Thanksgiving, savor that family time – and some extra turkey!

Adoptions With Love has even more helpful resources for our birth parents and adoptive families. Reach out to us anytime, day or night, for assistance in the Massachusetts adoption process.